Do I love being a fangirl?! Yes I do, oh yes I do. =D

I am insanely happy to be obsessing over something again. ToA has brought a light of anime goodness into my bleak despaired existance. I can happily over-obsess about the characters and they aren't alive to get angry at me... and nothing is too much! ^__^ ( Well, I wish they were alive, lawlo. .___. )

So like, I'm a total Luke fon Fabre fangirl... well, I was a really huge one, then out of no where Sync just rams himself into my preferences. Now I'm all, "SYNC THE TEMPEST!!1" Now I adore Luke AND Sync, but I think that Sync might be taking over. o___o; I really love the emo ones, don't I?

Poor Sync though... he really did have a really, really shitty life. First off he was MADE, and from someone else no less. ( which means he's a clone, or as the game depicts a 'replica' ) Him and seven others were created to replace the former Fon Master Ion, but only one of them was needed so when the most perfect creation was picked ( the innocent adorable Ion we all know and love ) the rest of them were discarded into Mt. Zaleho to be destroyed. Out of those seven, only Ion ( for obvious reasons ), Florian, and Sync survived. Sync was taken in by Van, but he was used to serve his own purposes, and he knew it. He hid his face, ashamed of who he was and was convinced that he worthless trash. He barely had a heart left in the end, where he died laughing and wishing that death upon himself.

... SO EMO BUT SO SAD. T__T I would of cared for you, Sync! I would of taken care of ALL the Ion replicas, the poor things... WRRRRYYYY

Okay I'm done. Well, no, not really... I mean, about the Sync history. Now I'll just type more... like wondering where the hell Azzy went for this period. Did she even show up at all? Lagawd. I wanted to show her my Sync pictures. D: < Nyargh.

Well, besides constant ToA obsession, things have been a bit boring lately. No one ever talks to me unless I talk to them first... wait, that's how it's always been, HAHAHA. Sucky. Well at least I'm in high spirits lately.

I hope I pass all my exams, and ( hopefully ) all my courses, so very hopefully. Passing means good things! What good things, not sure, but it's like a pet instinct. xD "BRITTANY PASS HER EXAM, BE GOOD GIRL AND GET TREATIES" Huhuhu.

Okay, so anywaaaaays, I drew a Sync picture last night.. well, more like part of last night and the rest this morning during Business and Media Arts ( I'm bad >_> ) I think it turned out pretty damn smexy, although it's a chibi. xD

User Image

CHRIST SYNC'S OUTFIT IS HARD. I can't make head of tails of that thing... had to stare at each part for like ten minutes to figure out how exactly to draw it. His white outfit probably would of been easier ( It lacks those talisman seal thingies he's wearing like a crazy fool all over the place ) but black looks better on him... just because. Anyways, it could of taken longer... but it didn't. :3 But I only got two hours of sleep last night. z___z And I wonder why I'm so goddamned sickly looking all the time.

Oh noes, math is in a few minutes... better wrap this up. Kudos to anyone who could actually sit through this absoloute terror of fan-squealing. So um, like, SYNC! Bai.