Got home from ATL, regionals in Douglasville, GA for Tekken 5 Nationals.

I got top 16 out of 128. WOOT.

Won vs. RoboCurse from Raleigh, NC, which sucked since we're buddies and play each other whenever we're around one another, which unfortunately isn't as much as I'd like.

Afterwards, I beat Rashid from Savannah, GA. Good Julia/Nina s**t.

Went on to beat Lil Jay from ATL, GA. One of their better players who had a nasty Baek.

Got sent to the losers' by STLBadboy. Ling ******** me up. What sucked was that I got hit by EVERY wake up 3 he did, which meant free 25% for Ling. I didn't think to low parry until it was too late.

Beat RTD in the losers' bracket. Highlight of my night.

Lost to untouchable, Nina player from Bama. Nina is a dirty whore sad .

Kasht, buddy of mine who lives in Raleigh, won PR Nats. WOOT!