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Obsessive Fangirl-ism
I'm obsessive and I know it. Hear my ramblings, muahaha!! ^_^
Crazy College Stories already
Whoa, last night was a crazy night. @.@ Okay, so I have four roommates, one from Oregon, one from Alaska, and one from Utah. The one from Utah broke her arm rollerblading last semester, so she still has this orange cast on for another two weeks. Well, it snowed a lot a couple nights ago and has been in the -5 to 20 degrees farenheit range since then, so we and a few other people who live in the same building decided to go sleding down the hill of one of the playing fields. It was fun, despite the fact that it was really cold. (my scarf froze because I was breathing through it, so pretty much it was the moisture of my breath freezing.) Someone had been there before and made a little ramp at the bottom of the hill to do jumps on, but nobody could aim right so that they could go off it. Well, I went down on a saucer to the left of the jump, and somehow I turned around backwards and ended up hitting the ramp right and jumping a bit. Then the second time I did it, I still aimed to the left, somehow turned around backwards and went off the jump again. Except this time I went really high, bounced on one side of my butt, and somehow flipped around and landed on my head. My head feels perfectly fine now. My butt is still sore. And yet no one has been able to go off the jump except me, unless they hit the side of it.

Which is exactly what my roommate with the broken arm did. On a snowboard. Except this snowboard had broken bindings because it was so cold and made the plastic brittle. So she goes down the hill on a broken snowboard, kinda tilts off of the side of the jump, and falls weird, catching her weight on her unbroken arm. Which didn't stay unbroken for long. So she's sitting there whacking her snowboard off with her casted arm, I ask what's wrong, and she says she broke her arm. Seeing as she's one of those people who breaks things frequently, you don't doubt her when she says things like that. So she got in her car and had someone start driving her to the ER. The three of us roommates that were left(one hadn't come sledding) decided to walk back to our room, when on the way, one of the girl's contact fell out. It was a hard contact, not a soft one, so it wasn't the kind where it's just, "Oh well, I'll have to use another one" because it was the only pair she had and you're supposed to be able to use them for two years. So we start searching in the snow for her contact, about to give up when I spot it and she carries it back in her hand.(without a glove) Note that this was nighttime. In the snow. So we contine walking back, when the car with the girl and the broken arm pulls up next to us and says, 'Get in, we'll give you a ride'. Turns out that they hadn't even been to the ER yet, and were looking to make sure that another girl who hadn't arrived yet knew that they had left. Pretty silly if you ask me. So they drove us back in a car made for five, and there were six people in it, when we spot one of the university police cars coming our way. so we quickly kick one of the girls out of the car and continue driving as she walks back. (It wasn't very far, and she was the one from Alaska, so she was used to the cold.) We go back to the building an hour before curfew, and tell one of the RAs that three of the girls would be late because they were at the hospital. Then we realize that somehow we'd been locked out of our room, and none of us had a key. Thankfully that RA did, so we got in. Then a couple hours later, they come back from the hospital. It was both sad and funny, because we now have a roommate with two broken arms. We kept making jokes about how we'll have to wash her hair for her, get her into bed (We all have loft beds), tie her shoes(that one we really will do) and other things like that. She's also one of those people that doesn't like getting help from others. The "No, I'll do it myself" attitude. They don't even know how bad the break is, because it was too swollen to tell.

So, she was planning to go home today, and she did since it's a 3-day weekend. Another one of our roommates went with her(with another girl from a different room driving, since she can't really do it herself now) and another roommate is staying with her sister, so today, it's just me and another girl.

Crazy college life, ne? And no, none of us have gotten drunk. This is a CHURCH college.

Also, I just have to remark on this one squirrel who can almost always be seen in the trees or on the ground outside the center building where the food and stuff is served. That squirrel is FAT. And cute, but it's such a big squirrel because he eats so well. He also doesn't mind people getting to close. I stood a few feet away from him once, watching him eat crumbs he found on the ground. I should name him. But what? I'm almost tempted to call him President ShinRa.

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    Sounds like you're having quite a bit of fun ^_^

    Hurrah for President ShinRa!

    comment Mariku -- Kitten · Community Member · Tue Jan 16, 2007 @ 09:37pm
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