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here are my stories.
“Huh?” said Adam holding his head as he got up. “What happened?” “You blacked out after your power was activated,” said Ray getting up knowing now that he was all right. “Could you explain every thing to me?” said Adam “I don’t want to seem naive!” “All right then, if you wish.” said Sacratice “There are millions of people like us with powers like us. We also have twins that have the same power as us but are the opposite gender. When Ray said your power was activated you may now learn how to use your power and learn new ways to use it. The “rejects” are people who their powers were never activated and so they were rejected by Amatarasu,” said Sacratice taking Adam back in the house. “Who is Amatarasu then?” said Adam looking at Sacratice with amazement. “Amatarasu is the sun goddess of Japan. You know you’re supposed to marry your twin,” said Sacratice “No choice? That’s stupid I’ll marry who I want to marry,” said Adam putting his hand behind his head and lying down on his bed looking nervously at the balcony. “Don’t worry he’s not there anymore I will check if you want.” said Sacratice pointing his thumb at the balcony door. “No, it’s just why they are after me?” said Adam getting back up from his be. “You’re the master of course they are after you. They want to kill so you will not get in their way in collecting the elemental crystals. The elemental crystals are pendants that give you new power but it has to be of your power the stronger they get the weaker we do.” said Sacratice out at the balcony. “Now would you explain to me why my family doesn’t remember me but my brother does?” said Adam with a bit of impertinence “Calm down, Adam your brother remembers you because he has a power too.” “He has a power? What power?” said Adam now interested. “Is that why when he got hurt his blood wasn’t all red but a little purple?” thought Adam “Adam look in a mirror and you will see the effect of your power.” said Sacratice pointing to a mirror. Adam looked in the mirror and screamed Adam’s eyes where fiery red. “What is your effect?” Adam asked looking at Sacratice from the mirror. “My hair it used to be black and then when my power activated it turned white. I knew your neck started hurting because you would soon awaken.” said Sacratice he looked Adam right in the eye. “Is that why it hurt?” said Adam touching the back of his neck. Meanwhile Dove was not very happy with Mars and Sierra, “You fools! You let them get away! Idiots!” yelled Dove “We can just kill him when he gets in our way at the Tao Ruins? That would be so much easier then tracking him down. Also I need to sleep. It’s becoming morning.” said Mars getting up from the floor where Adam’s power had pushed him down.

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Amy Luna
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Jan 16, 2007 @ 05:42pm
Hey girl biggrin
so you folowed my advice huh? i like the storry when is vol 4 coming?

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