Well as I said I went to Scotland this summer it was fun as well as I got too try some new foods but there was this time when we were accused of stealing! As far as I know none of my group stole but it's and interesting tale so I'll tell you anyways. Basically we went into a store and were fooling around with the stuff not that bright I'll give you but it was fun. And as we were leaving the store there were about 12 of us and you know how security machines go off when there's too many of you? Well if you don't it happened to us but some of us were halfway down the street unfortunately and he thought we had hidden it. Of course we hadn't but anyways he thought we had brought us back we emptied our pockets and he still didn't believe us. After we told him he could go check if he wanted to he said no and let us go. But not after warning us that the cops were looking out for us now. So yay V2K step above Boy Scouts is the Venture crew Co-Ed fun trip though more later!