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The Shinigami's Journal
This is where I will keep my personal thoughts in along my recent events for either Soul Society or going to the World of the Living.
Poetry Chapter
There is no way out
No where to turn to go about
You hear footsteps from afar
Wondering where you are
An emptied endless void
That no one could avoid
They are determined to go with all their might
So they run to find the light from the accursed night
The darkness is over
Once someone reached the light
They know they won the fight
Even though we have both sides
We know that they cannot be subside or aside

From a Lover's View: A Shuyin Tribute
Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
You say you can hear me but cannot see me
I am right here
While you are standing there

While standing here, you and I
We star at each other in the eye
I see the person I waited for from the past
Hoping I can finally rest in peach with them at last

I waited for so long
As the world I saw was still wrong
I vowed I would make it right
So the present world's futurewill be bright
Even though I have to take the light
Yet you stop me in time with your reasoning voice
Giving me time to pick my choice

You were my only love
My angel from the sky above
Yet our lives were taken
Leaving me to feel forshaken

While I continue to watch my horrible past
I thought my nightmare will never last
Until one day my prison had been invaded
As I was involved by taking the lives until they finally faded

Now I use the bodies of the remaining members
Hopefully that you and I remember
When we cross paths once more
So we can finally fade together forevermore

A Thousand Words
A thousand words
A thousand years
Even though there is a difference between two worlds
But somehow things with the past will awlays reappear

The past is mysterious
As the souls are still micheivous
They still have either hatred or love
They are trying so hard to reach to the sky above

Spirits who cannot rest or refuse to be sent
They wander the grounds of the living
Making people call them the unsent
They are trying to tell stories for their best being

Even though some spirits forgot they are gone
But there is always a special bond
Until they finally know when it is time to go
The people, who they befriend, will understand not to say "no"

A thousand words
A thousand Years
Now the people are learning different things from other worlds
Hoping and praying that the teachings will never disappear

Vincent Valentine's View
*This is a look from Vincent's view when he meets a girl who was infused with Jenova cells while she nursed him back to health*
I thought I finally died on this very day
Trying to figure out to make my sins go away
Even though I hide the monster inside me
Remembering the life I had will never be

Yet you found me in this snowy place
You weren't frighten by my monsterous face
While you took me to your house
I noticed that you were silent as a mouse

As I transformed back to my normal self
You glanced at me while pulling out a book from its shelf
I wonder why you were wearing a blindfold
As I listen to the instructions that you have told

A few days pass as I slowly heal
There is something different that I not normally feel
My heart is beating so fast
I remember this kind of feeling from my past

It was late at night that I wanted to talk with you
Making sure that these feelings I am having are true
As I entered your room in a silent pace
I saw you taking your blindfold from your face

There I saw I couldn't believe
You quickly turn around fearing that I would leave
But I did not leave you or was mad
Listening to your voice cracking knowing you were sad

I asked you calmly not to cry
So I want to help you if you let me try
You slowly turned around as you faced me
As you began to tell me how you became to be

I felt your pain and sorrow
Wanting to cry with you like day after tomorrow
I told you that you are strong not weak
Knowing you can control your temper when it was beyond its peak

You stared at me with those mako eyes
Knowing that you can tell that I told no lies
As you told me that you do not see the monster in me
But an angel that wants to fly free

I stared at you for a moment
As I thought I felt my soul freeing itself from its torment
Making me think life couldn't be any better
You lean over as you kissed me, your lips were soft as a feather

Even though you took me by surprise
I kissed you back until we could see the sun rise
Knowing our love for each other wasn't a dream
As I heard the voices from my team

I asked you if you want to be our newest member
As you looked down knowing this day will be new to remember
While I stepped out of the house to tell the others about you
Hoping that your decision would be true

We all turned around as you came out of your home
Accepting that offer as you knew your adventure will come
As you and I kissed once more
Knowing our love will be forevermore

Shinigami Kayako
Community Member
Shinigami Kayako
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