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You look funny biggrin
O-O No wayyyy....A new entry?! Omigsh! 1321#! o:
[ <3 ]

    Homigawdnoway. Yus, way! So like...I'm all special...and like drugged...whooo!

    So on with the show!

    Or entry...

    On with the entry!

    With pictures. >3<

    If I can figure out how to work this...Dx

    While I try to figure things out with the files...how about I fill you in on what I've been up to lately? o:

    I mean, it has been like a billion years since I last made one of these. :B

    - I'm in grade 10 now.
    - It's like winter break...ONGSWE@#!
    - I have to write an essay soon. Dx
    - I'm like failing everything...xP Okay, well, close to failing.
    - Omigsh, exams are coming up really, really, really soon!
    - asjlfkjelkjflrk...I'm really nervous for them. Dx
    - I'm like...confused.
    - Nich's name is now Yamato. :B
    - Yes, it is. D<
    - Urrr....Felix is, if possible, even chubbier...
    - He tried to rape Yamato's bag...xD We caught it on tape.
    - I'm like obsessed with Death note...and Digimon! Yay!
    - I am so a digimon, and I will digivolve...someday. D;
    - I have a cut on my right foot...it's not on my left foot, so I hate it. It looks funny against my pale skin. D:
    - I think I'm getting another birthmark on my left foot, near my ancle...it's in the shape of a heart. o-o;
    - I have some cuts from wrapping presents over Christmas. xD
    - I still need to give Bina hers. o: And Lovebug.
    - Turkey is the new chickon. D;
    - Yes, it is. D<!
    - I have an ipod video...it's going to get married to Lovebug's nano. o:
    - I have a left foot fetish. >~<

    - So yeah...I got the wii...It's so fun/orgasmic. D; <333
    - Zelda ish awesome. @~@ Although, I screwed up my file and I have to do everything all over again. ><
    - But it'll be cool. o:
    - Epwna....heehee "pwn"....is even more awesome. @~@
    And you can like be a wolf...and like wooOOo! : D
    - Mii's are AWESOME. xD You can create the funniest looking things...and the best part is that you can spam your friends with them! xD
    - Yeah...the wii's awesome. o: For those of you who don't already have one, go out and buy one...NOW. D<

    - I have so many books to read...Dx
    - I want more. @~@
    - I'm currently reading the Death Note manga, and the book "my friend lenord". I think that's how you spell his name...o:

    Random stuff
    - Yeah...I'm too lazy to do shout-outs...so I'm just going to let my fingers run all over the keyboard.

    I suggest you stop reading. o:


    Wasn't that just beautiful!?


    Yes it was! D<

    So umm....turkeyyyyyyyyyy



    That is so a word.

    Stupid word. Dx




    oldschool. D;








    Yeah...I got bored of the not using the space bar button...xP

    And I gave up on the pictures for now. o:

    I'll use them for another entry. xP




    So like...yamato reminds me of Tamato. : D


    or Yam. Like the food...

    Which reminds me of squash...which reminds me of something else...>>;



    Jks. xD

    No one's going to read this entryyyyyyy

    It's so lonelyyyy

    It's Mr./Mrs. Lonelyyyyy

    It has no bodyyyyy

    for its ownnnnn....

    o: The sad thing is...

    I'm still writing this entry. xD

    Allwell...maybe I'm just that odd. :B

    Odd like your face! Oh burn. 8D

    Conclusion...before I make more of a fool of myself. xP

    I love you all! Dx

    Except for you...yes you...you jerk. D<!


    Remember to smile. <33
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  • User Comments: [3]
    Awesome journal entry.

    Aw... close to failing... well... FAIL b*tch. JOIN THE FAILING CLUB.

    Well... you should let me borrow this deathnote books

    I want a wii! Your wii is so awesome!
    I want to play with your wii all night long. D;


    I'm going to comment your journal entry again... and make the comment even more awesome... if its possible. This comment is pretty awesome.

    comment Hazel Shoe · Community Member · Sat Jan 06, 2007 @ 04:05am
    *pushes her cheeks up making a really stupid smile*

    .... MOOFIIIN?! x3 <3333
    I named my epona.. ahem, epwna Muffin. 8D

    Uh.. stab at thee evil flower plant guys with rabies!! Dx

    Strudels are weird.. :/
    And and and.. who's yamato? o:

    comment Miss Bunns · Community Member · Sat Jan 06, 2007 @ 07:53pm
    Whoa.... Someone was hyper when they wrote this. o_o I'm reading this like... In February. XD Sorry. I'm so late. >.>

    Oh! You will so digivolve someday. Then we can digi battle? o_o Random... Oh! YAY PARTY! We'll PARTY till we drop. Wow I guess Walmart is taking over the word.

    comment Litty chan · Community Member · Sat Feb 03, 2007 @ 09:47pm
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