Happy New Years...

Real Name: Zander Tekashi
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Atnarachian
Element Major: Darkness/Shadow
Element Minor: Water
Primary Weapon: Twin Atnarachian-Forged Katanas, Named: Ixa, Eza
Secondary Weapon: Death Scythe

(Dark Spells)

Tenprest Slash: Causes his Katanas to glow with a dark aura. Then, he slashes at the target with the enormous Dark power surging through his blades.
Dark Entrapment: Raises a barrier around the target, locking him in from all sides. It is nearly impossible to get out, though things can get in.
Darktricity: His dark magic surges with electricity at his target, shocking him.
Demonic Entanglement: (Unknown)

(Water Spells)

Arctic Dome: Creates a barrier of ice that surrounds him or his allies.
Icilian Rain: Zander summons hail in the shape of spearheads, launching them at his opponent.
Aquarius Flood: Summons the power of Aquarius, the Water Bearer. A Gigantic Wave of water floods the whole area, washing away the target(s).

Appearance: Zander is a looming 6'5", but suffers from partial scoliosis. He has bright blue eyes, and black hair. He has pale white skin, and his body is medium built. His voice is usually deep and low, and he's sometimes hard to hear since he's usually quiet. His wardrobe holds the duplicates of the exact same clothing: A long black coat with matching jeans and shoes, a blue undershirt, and blue gloves with half of a blue marble embedded in each palm of each. He also wears a silver ring on his right ring finger, and a silver pendant. As for the armor, he wears none unless it's for ceremonial purposes. Although, the armor is a darkened blue, and it's light-weight. Offering little to medium protection, making it useless for a real battle.