At the risk of sounding like a personal ad, I am an experienced and literate yaoi roleplayer looking for the same. I prefer to use either Gaia mail or AIM. I'm fairly flexible and very friendly, so feel free to PM me with any questions or comments. Below I have listed the fandoms I am most active in, the characters I play, and preferred pairings.

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Kingdom Hearts (Organization 13 Exclusively)--
I prefer to play: Marluxia, Xigbar
I will play: Demyx, Vexen, Axel, Roxas, Luxord
I will not play: WhinyUke!Marluxia (It's just wrong), Xaldin, Larxene (because she has ovaries)
Preferred Pairings: Any Organization 13 Pairing deemed plausible, and most are. My OTP of choice is currently Marluxia x Demyx.
Plots: I do have some ideas for yaoi oriented plots (PM me for more information), but I am open to ideas or suggestions.

Final Fantasy VII and Advent Children--
I prefer to play: Kadaj, Yazoo
I will play: Sephiroth, Vincent, Cloud, Rufus, Tseng, Rude
I will not play: WhinyUke!Cloud, Reno, Barret, Cid, Hojo
Preferred Pairings: Sephiroth x Kadaj, Kadaj x Cloud, Yazoo x Kadaj, Tseng x Rufus, Rufus x Reno, ; but I'm open to other pairings.
Absolutely Not Pairings: Vincent x Cid, okay... Cid x Anyone... Cid in general is a no-no, Tseng x Kadaj (My roommate is a Tseng cosplayer and I'm a Kadaj cosplayer, it's just wrong)
Plots: I am open to suggestions or ideas for plots in the FFVII 'verse or AU. Even college or boarding school plots are acceptable if they are realistic.

Dir en Grey--
I prefer to play: Die, Shinya, Kyo
I will play: Kaoru, Toshiya
I will not play; Kisaki (original bassist from La Sadies)
Preferred Pairings: Die x Shinya, Kyo x Shinya, Kyo x Toshiya
Plots: Anything to do with Die x Shinya is wonderful and power play (D/s) between Kyo and Shinya (Kyo seme) is very much in demand.

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Don't see your favorite fandom? Just ask. I'm open to many 'verses with few exceptions. (Those being Inuyasha, Teen Titans, and Full Metal Alchemist and most RPS). Originals? I do have original characters (most are seme), but it takes a wonderful plot and a lot of coaxing for me to use them. I do not do anthro.