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Warcraft Adventures!
Okay, so I was all bored and I was all to Azzy, "LET'S PLAY WARCRAFT." but she was taking forever to find the disk and then Takuto messages me and I'm all, "Cool! :0" so then we talked about Sasuke's horrible timeskip clothes and Itachi ruining Orochimaru's muffin, then Azzy yelled at me so I went on Warcraft.

I completely forgot my awesome library of maps was on my last computer, so I had nothing and needed to go find a new TD for us to play. Unfortunately I couldn't find our traditional TD, Final Fantasy TD, but I got us a new LOTR Wintermaul TD that was yay-sum-lee ( Yes, I just made that up. xD ) similar enough to it.

At first we sucked really, really bad and people yelled at us, then we got the hang of it. But there is always, ALWAYS at least one obnoxious b*****d who is on your team or otherwise who feels the need to b***h at you with their "OMGZ UR NOT PLAYEEN RITE"

Excuse me sir, I've been playing TDs for at least three years ALONE, that doesn't even count how long I've been playing the actual game, and you have the nerve to tell me that "ur doieen eet rong" ... Well, if anyone's doing it wrong, then it's you, you idiot. I mean, EVERYONE knows you MAZE in TDs, your straight line strategy lets everything through. Lawl stupeed n00beh!!1one

But you know, without these types of guys things would be boring as hell, as they're quite funny to laugh at while they call you 'stupid' with a bunch of misspellings and obviously have the mentality of a four-year-old. If there's anything I hate more then a total chatspeak wanker, it's a goddamn RUDE chatspeak wanker.

Wooooo, glad I got all that out. =D I can't be nice all the time, you know? Well, no, those people don't deserve any kindness if they want to build in my base and yell at me. No sirree.

Well, it was pretty funny anyways. Especially the next game, when some random person was all like to Azzy, "You need some c**k." and then Azzy was all, "Hah, I'm getting it, but I think it might be you who needs some, hun." HO BURN. Cept she said it funnier then that I just can't remember. I laughed though.

Another thing, I hate when people on that game automatically assume I'm a guy. xD You know, between my cutesy icons and obvious references to 'HER' ... I really just must be gay or something, you know?

HEEHEE I LOVE IT. Just so entertaining! HAHAHA.

I need sleep, yo.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Jan 05, 2007 @ 05:02am
xD I loved that game.
I also loved hitting on that 26 year old guy who said i need some...Yeah. xD;;;
"Evil, you need some c*ck."
"Lawl, I'm getting some, hun. But You know, i think it might possibly be you who needs some, babe."
xD Luckily, he laughed at it--Cause i had no clue what the hell i was thinking when i said it. lol, ah, gotta love older men on Warcraft.
Last guy i hit on was 25...>.>
And he was like, "one sec, wife is calling and i gotta tend to the kid."
xDDDDD I was so outta there. But we became good friends. He was kinda like...a Dad to me...Sort've. o_o He would play with me and stand up for me, then say he was sorry i had to see assholes type like that.
I was like, "Holy s**t. It's amazing what ages do to men."
He agreed.
xD Our relationship was the most amusing one i've ever had with a 20 year old.
Anywho, We gotta play again. Funny stuff always happens when we play together. *nodnod*

Peace out~


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