Okay, it's like 6 in the morning. Why aren't I bed you ask? Who the hell knows, but I was intending to then I got distracted. HA HA just like me. Kind of not tired-ish but still tired-ish I want my kitty where is my kitty? meow meow meow... No sleep makes little kitten ( that's what Sheru calls me now O_o ) go crazy.

Ahhhhhh--Oh wait, this entry was supposed to be about my new video games, riiiiight.

Okay, so like, I got two new games ATM! ( I used ATM, aren't I cool? And for those non-savvy with ... uhhh... chatspeak? It means AT THE MOMENT. Yeah ) I got my precious FFXII and Tales of the Abyss, yeah! I love speaking like Deidara, yeah! YEAH!

So I haven't actually touched FFXII yet because I'm totally saving it for last, but I've started Tales of the Abyss, yeah? It's really cool and stuff and LUKE IS HOT--I mean, shutup! Wait uhhhh... wtf ( MORE CHATSPEAK YEAH ) am I talking about? Oh right, I was being a stupid fangirl again. HA HA HA. Okay yeah, so far it's a really fun game, but where I'm at I'm HELLA confused because they're unleashing all kinds of plots on us ATM! Woo for ATM! The Oracle Knights make me cry with non-glee, except Arietta because she has pink hair and is really cute. I love pink hair. Errrr girl with brown pigtails ( I forget her name already because my memory died and she's not important anyways ) is kind of annoying ... but wait, she's kind of like me too, do I think I'm annoying? Maaaaaybe. Yeah so, Luke is a kind of jerk but he grows on you anyways, Tear is kind of insignificant ( okay, she's obviously not, but it's not like she talks much or anything... at least so far. ) Jade is freakin' awesome plus he has glasses and for some reason I like glasses lately, especially on intelligent-y magic ( SRRY FONON LAWL ) people. WOOHOO GUY IS COOL HE TOTALLY PWNS ... I wonder what his past is like? Er, I haven't met Natalia yet, and Ion is okay but I thought he was a girl when I met him. O_o

MIEU IS SO CUUUUUUTE. <333 -spaz attack from the cuteness- Why is Luke so mean to him? HOW COULD HE HIT SOMETHING SO FLUFFY AND ADORABLE? Oh wait, it's Luke, lawl.

Okay, so liek, I just finished the castle, and it had the HARDEEST PUZZEL ( not ) WERE U LYK HAD 2 COMBIEN TEH COLURZ. No really, I figured that thing out in like three friggin seconds.

Now I'm just about to go to some other place in Kimlasca ( I spelt that wrong I know it ) but then I saw a save point and was all, "I should go to bed." but I obviously got distracted by the computer. AHA THERE'S MY KITTY YAAAAY. <3 Now he's going to go destroy everything on my dresser, lol. ^__^

Okay, so, I also gots a NEW METAL DDR MAT! Awesometastic, REIGHT?! I kno nyah. It works like a dream, BUT... Somehow, someway, I cut myself on it I bled all over the mat and the floor and ewwww it was gross but but actually at the time I wasn't thinking that I was more like, "Oh look at all the blood"

God I'm way too hyper for 6 in the morning... wait it's almost 6:30 now haha.

So I'm going to get Disgaea soon because I want that more then everything at the moment. DISGAEA WOOT!

Okay I'm going to go die ( aka sleep ) now. OYASUMINASAI!