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Obsessive Fangirl-ism
I'm obsessive and I know it. Hear my ramblings, muahaha!! ^_^
Movie Review: Eragon (Pretty much no spoilers)
Okay, so I went and saw Eragon with my Grandma today, which was nice because it was either go out and do something or listen to my Dad and Grandpa watch a football game. Yes, listen. Anyways, I've been wanting to see the movie, because I read the book, and now I did. I'm still confused as to how I feel about it. I liked it, but... well it's just been a LONG time since I've liked something without obsessing over it, so it almost feels like I DON'T like it, even though I did.
Saphira the Dragon was pretty neat. Her voice wasn't awe-inspiring, as you'd expect it to be, though. Rather plain. Her color also seemed kinda dull and washed out, but the animation wasn't bad. Her as a little dragon was ADORABLE! whee whee
From the previews, I didn't think Eragon was cute, but his appearance grew on me. and HIS PANTS heart I'm sorry, they just looked really good on him; tan leather ones. whee Yeah, that's what I noticed most about him, unfortunately. @.@ The pants...
Murtagh almost dissapointed me at first, because I really liked him in the previews and video game, and then found out that he wasn't as good-looking as I thought. But I really liked him again by the end. xd
Whatsherface the seer lady was nothing like I had imagined her at all. Nothing. confused
Arya wasn't what I had imagined either, but I didn't like her in the books, and I didn't like her in the movie, so it doesn't really matter. Sadly, Christopher Paolini made me dislike elves. sad

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    The movie was interesting.....though I didn't find it to be accurate, especially after reading Eldest. The movie completely ruined important things that needed to happen for the sequel to make sence........

    Yeah, Arya is really...ugh. And I was sad that Murtagh wan't hot =_= Same with Durza. In my mind, he was this REALLY hot guy, with really pretty hair for some reason. Then I was like.....WTF? gonk

    Those were eyedrawing pants for sure XD

    Saphira was pretty ^^ Her wings were different from the book, but pleasant anyway....Her voice sounded like some grandmother telling a child a story, I though =_= I expected a nicer voice ^^;;

    comment Mariku -- Kitten · Community Member · Sat Dec 30, 2006 @ 06:01pm
    I actually liked Durza's hair in the movie. The scene where he gets really ugly near the end where it shows the back of his head it was just like, "Whoa...there's something apppealing about his hair..."

    And yeah, they didn't even make any fuss over Eragon's back wound. What was up with that???

    comment Saerenna · Community Member · Fri Jan 05, 2007 @ 04:02am
    I dunno >_<

    Yeah, his hair was gorgeous....I just imagined the rest of him to be equally hot XD

    comment Mariku -- Kitten · Community Member · Sat Jan 06, 2007 @ 04:45am
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