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To all applicants--Bloodline has nothing to do with family or what is IN your bloodstream. It's for Bloodline Traits, which are powers different from Elemental magic. This is a temporary notice due to some misunderstandings on a few applications; hopefully it won't be needed in the future. (:

To apply as a member of UoC, please fill out the following form and PM it to Natasha Demisra. Do not post unapproved sheets! It will be over viewed as soon as possible. If you are approved, you will be responded to saying so, and you may then post your profile in the appropriate section. If not, you will receive a message telling you to wait while a copy of your application is sent to Zander Tekashi for further discussion. Then a message with our reasons as to why the character possibly does not fit this setting will be given, and if changes are requested, we will await for your second application. You may only post approved character sheets.

Remember--unapproved characters will be deleted.

Please remember that we are in no way attacking you personally if we deny your first application and request changes. Mistakes happen and are perfectly fine. We hope to avoid having to take such actions. It is easy, though, just follow these steps when making your application:

1. Write your application in Notepad or WordDoc or whatever works for you.

2. Be creative and original in your creation. Avoid stereotypes, over-use of cliche backgrounds (lost royalty, orphan, mass tragedy, etc.), over-powered, "perfect" sorts of characters. Keep in mind that age is relative to experience: the younger the character, the less trained and skilled they would be compared to someone older. Twenty-five isn't old, sixteen may still count you as underage to join UoC.

3. Leave the application for a bit, an hour minimally. Then come back and reread it. Is it balanced? Is it original? Make edits as you go and see fit, to spelling, ideas and otherwise.

4. Send it to Zander and wait for the approval.

5a. Approval! Go post it and start playing!

5b. Oh, boo, denied this time... but reasons for it are provided; maybe do some further editing. Repeat step 3, 4 and hope for 5a!

The Profile Sheet:

Real Name: (must be provided even if it not known)
Alias/Nicknames: (leave blank if non applicable)
Rank: (you may suggest a rank, but may be assigned a different one)
Age: (must have true age mentioned, but you can put 'looks __' or 'tells everyone they are __')
Element Major: (leave blank if non applicable)
Element Minor: (leave blank if non applicable)
Bloodline Trait: (leave blank if non applicable)
Primary Weapon: (remember, no guns or modern-day weaponry)
Secondary Weapon: (optional)
Abilities: (please include brief descriptions of spells or abilities known)
Appearance: (written description only, at least one decent paragraph)
Brief History: (must be at least one decent paragraph per person, with no exceptions; no one may know your history in-gamely, but it should be provided. Even just where you were born, how you came to your abilities, and why you joined is adequate)
Images: (three max, must be links)

Also, do you plan to apply for deityship? (this is for mod-planning purposes):

That's all there is to it!

Bounty Applications

For those who are referenced to UoC due to certain problems that might involve a certian someone or thing who could be affecting buisness transactions, giving away corporate secrets, etc., we will be happy to service you in "eliminating" it for you. Just fill out this contract fourm, send it to a member, and we'll take care of the rest.

Name of Client:
Description of Job:
Extra Information:

Signature of Client:
Signature of Applicant:

We hope that you will come to us again so we can utilize our services, and/or reference us to others. Have a nice day!

Final notice: Any rule-breaking will result in a demotion or a ban. No exceptions!