Name: hyozanryu
age:looks 20 but is 200 (thats really young for a dragon)
powers: form change, telepahty, and dragon magic
weapons: (In dragon form) claws, teeth, and fire breath
weapons: (in human form) Darkfire Blade rings
height: (dragon form) 35 ft
height: (human form) 6.2 ft
weight: (dragon form) 2 tons
weight: (human form) 178 lbs
human form:
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dragon form:
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Hyozanryu is a member of the Dragon Rider. he's not a fighter. he's more of a lover. on seprate time Hyozanryu came be found flirting with the female dragons. this was 180 years ago though. now 200 and still young hyozanryu's new master Sora Ikari, knew hyozanryu wanted revenge on the dragon that killed his parents in cold blood.
loves to flirt with th girls, but has a sense of pride. hates people who abuse women. wish he could meet the girl of his dreams.