This is what I've been listening to lately, if you notice there is a theme going on. xd

1. Happy Flight heart
2. Angel Ukky
3. Angel Chronicle
4. Angel * Rock n Roll
5. Angel Wasshoi!
6. Dotabata Angel Loop
7. Flower Revolution
8. Galaxy Bang Bang!
9. Uchuu de Koi wa Rurun Ruuuun
10. Angelic Symphony heart
11. Atashi no Tamago
12. Cinderella Graffiti
13. Cooking Dance!
14. Eternal Love ~ Angel Tai ver. heart
15. Eternal Love 2003 heart
16. Eternal Love 2006 heart
17. Give me! Chocolate!
18. Good Day, Good Night
19. Hanamaru Wonderful heart
20. Hitomi ni Utopia heart
21. Koi suru Recipe
22. Masshigura heart
24. Piece of Peace
25. Tenshi no Inori
26. Final Flight heart
27. Galaxy Baban ga Bang
28. Happy Question
29. Horoscope Rhapsody
30. In the Chaos heart
31. Jelly Beans
32. Lucky Girl
33. Lunch Box Ippai no Ai
34. Ohisamairo no Merry Go Round
36. Yumemitai * Angel Tai heart
37. Wing of Destiny heart
38. Motto! Angel *

heart -fave
* -new

Yeah, they're all from Galaxy Angel, both the series and the game
*I would also be rotating them weekly in my profile multimedia, if it's available on youtube*

I only have about 20 left to search for to complete them all. xd
If you happen to know some of the songs, you can discuss about it here. 3nodding