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Inferno Thief chap 1
Chapter one (My crimson tear)

Everyone says the crimson tear was the pain you got when your love dies....
I heard it from my girl friend a prety girl she had dark mysterious eyes black hair a nice tan but a perfect chest if you want to go into more detail you would try to kill me her name was Miranda. Im sixteen and have red long hair hazel eyes and usualy like the american eagle crap you know the striped shirts maybe tan pants with a little rip. April eighth I learned about my fmailys history about some kind of thief that controls flames and summonings....bull... I dont bileave that crap but the thing i was afraid of was the Crimson tear....

LAter that day me and my girl friend were walking home when we got onto the bus there was this strange aura coming off of the men in the back we sat up front because they scared the s**t out of me. Yea well that didnt work very well at the next stop the man in the middle walked up to the bus driver and before u knew it pulled a knife to hsi throat. He slit the drivers neck as he droped down. The words from the man were hard to understand through the metal muzzle over his mouth.
he walked up to me and asked me for my hand...I quickly grabed his hand and set him flying through the window. THen men in the back started shooting. I pulled down mirandas head as we dived out the bus and ran. We slipped through the alley ways and hid behind a dumpster...she couldent move on and i knew they were coming but i had to stop she was the only thing i had. Without her my life would suck. I picked her up and put ehr on my back. We ran by now the gang was behind us shooting. One of the bullets hit my shoulder i ached i nagony as i fell. She said she was sorry and kept running. I quickly picked my self up breahting like i was about to die. I quickly hurried onto the streets whare my house was. I ran inside wondering what to do they would be here any second. I looked aroudn and saw my moms katana.....why she kept s**t aorund like this i dont know but i sued it and when i grabed that katana i felt like i was a badass.... now i mrunning outside and they are there with a gun and two knifes.....i was about to charge when i heard gun shots form the right and the cops took em out...what a bust.......

(this story isnt that interesting...yet! be patient)

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Dec 14, 2006 @ 10:16pm
Nice.I enjoyed it.^^All except I wouldn't leave u for nothin.

commentCommented on: Sat Dec 16, 2006 @ 09:55pm
U nedd to erase the gf part since u dumped me. crying ur sooooooooooooo mean.I couldn't get on and u go super grumpy. crying

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Dec 25, 2006 @ 07:09am
nice, it's awesome, i like it!!

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