If anyone ever feels like doing something while their bored and looking though meh profile and journal you can do this even though i'm taken i think these things are fun.

Do you?
Do you think i'm hot?
Do you think i'm cute?
Do you think we could last a long time?
Do you like my personaillty?
Do you like me in gerneral?

What if
What if i kissed you?
What if i hit on you?
What if i held you hand?
What if i met your parents?
What if i took you on a date?

Would you
Would you care if i kissed you?
Would you tell me you liked me?
Would you laugh at my stupidness?
Would you smile when i smile at you?
Would you ever date me?

Have you
Have you ever thought of me?
Have you ever thought of kissing me?
Have you ever had a dream about me?
Have you ever though of asking me out?
Have you ever wished i was there with you?