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my journal
((okay I started a story that will be continued every once and awhile ^^))

Nevah was walking down a dirt road going to where ever she wanted to go. Her long black hair glistened in the sun as she walked. She wore black clothing with a white cloak. She was a medium height with a small frame. She had a straight face on her. The cloak she had on moved around slightly as she walked. Many people were out and about in the village she was in. Her blue eyes scanned the area observing the people that she passed or passed her line of sight. Soon she was standing in front of a shop that sold weapons. She knew that she would need some since she was on a quest to find a gem that would bring back life to a person she dearly cared for. She sighed softly as she entered the open shop and looked through the weapons quickly. Most of them were in good shape, but they weren’t what she wanted. Soon her eyes were set on a few weapons. One was a bow with a quiver filled with arrows. The arrows were wooden with feathers at the end. But the quiver was in silk with green silk thread that formed leaves and wrapped around the quiver. And the second item was a set. It was a sword with eight daggers. The sword had a dragon engraved on it. It only had a few words on the blade. It said, “Sword of Light.” The daggers were lighter then any dagger she had ever held before. The handles were silver. She fingered the items a little and looked at the owner of the shop. “How much are these.” She said to him firmly.

The man replied gruffly. “Combined they are one hundred gold pieces. But a person like you probably wouldn’t have that much.”

Nevah ignored his last comment. She put the weapons on herself. The bow and quiver was set on her back. She tied the sword to her waste and started to place the daggers on different places of her body. Then she gave him a sack of gold that was exactly how much he wanted. Afterwards she just left the shop to get other supplies. First she went to get some food, water, and finally medicine just incase she would get hurt or sick on her quest. Soon she was fully stocked and ready to set out. She went to the edge of the village and took one more glance of the peaceful village. She took a deep breath and started to walk towards the forest that she knew was one mile away from the village. She heard that she would have to go through the forest and some other obstacles before she could reach to the place that was said to hold the gem. She knew that it would be a long a dangerous thing to do, but she didn’t care...

((end of scene one hope you enjoyed))

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commentCommented on: Sat Dec 09, 2006 @ 05:07am
It's a good start.

commentCommented on: Sat Dec 09, 2006 @ 05:13am
I agree with Mangs.

Mage The Red
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