This week is... !

... Awesome or awful? I don't know! Some good things happened, some really bad things happen. Besides Tuesday and Thursday, this week has been uninteresting, so I'm going to relate the story of what occurred those days... let's review, shall we?

Tuesday I woke up very, very tired. I've had problems sleeping lately. Not only is my sleep pattern ENTIRELY screwed up ( Thanks to T-Mix and his Ragnarok ... but hey, my choice, right? 'Sides, I'm not complaining. ) but the stress on me from everything is just making me into a generally exhausted and broken person. Well, also, I was umm... let's just say I had really bad cramps and could barely move.

THEREFORE, I was allowed to stay home. But you know what? I planned that. In the shower that morning I said, "I'm going to my friends' school today." So I was going to do just that.

After my mom left for work, I got up and went on the computer. The other day I was looking at Ricky's profile, and Steven and Kora both helped him quite considerably... and what did I do? Well, nothing. I wanted to help too you know, but there wasn't much I could do besides draw... so that I did. Took me all morning, but eventually I had drawn a light pencil sketch of Kira Takuto from Fullmoon wo Sagashite. I wanted to colour it, but I didn't have enough time.

So, got to that school, and showed Kora and Mason ( whom I were mostly talking to ) my pictures, which was of course Takuto, and my christmas picture of Neko. I showed everyone my pictures, because I liked them alot and when I'm proud of a picture I like to parade it off like every other artist in the world... but unfortunately they still sucked in a general way.

So, me and Kora were passing by the library, and I was all, "Hey, it's Sheldon!" So we were going to go inside and say hi, until I saw Ricky sitting beside him and I just stopped completely dead in my tracks, turned around, and walked out. Kora was all, "Neko! Neko! Give him the picture!" but I wailed and said I couldn't, then ran up the stairs to talk to Steph and Scott.

Then, when I was showing Scott my pictures, Kora yanked Takuto right out of my hand and ran downstairs! "I'm giving this to Ricky!" she taunted. I just stood there and panicked on the spot. "I hate you!" I sniffed back. She gave it to him anyways, and you know what? Turned out he liked it.

... Of course, I'd run away by that time, back to the cafeteria, and it took Steph and Kat both to drag me out the door, while I did a very dramatic "NOOOOOOO!" and clung to every corner in sight. Anyways, eventually they succeeded in dragging me out the door, and then Ricky came out of the library! And I was all, "!!!" and started to struggle to get away, because that is ALWAYS my first impulse. I wanted to be all, "k no problem. (:" but instead I was all, "AHHHHHHHHHhgghghhhhhHHHH! -panic panic spaz blush-" I'm such a retard.

Well, he said he liked it, and I was all, "No you hate it! ;-;" because I was sure he did, and that he was just saying that to be nice, but after I found out he really DID like it I was very joyous. Sheldon came out to join us, and he guessed that Kora stole it from me, which I confirmed. Don't get me wrong, I WANTED to give the picture to him, but my courage is about as strong as a puddle of mud. They thought the whole thing was funny anyways... I thought that I was about as scared as if a tiger was about to rip my eyes out.

Then the wierdest thing ever happened. Some random wheelchair kid came out of no where, and was all...

"Take off your sweater and take off your top."

WTF. We all just PAUSED and STARED at the kid for a whole minute or something. If it wasn't for something that happened later on in the week, I'd say that was the wierdest thing to happen to me all week. Unfortunately it wasn't.

Anyways, Catherine came strolling by saying Kora was looking for me, so on que I ran madly into the library, so I could join Kora checking stuff and Mason looking up catgirls. From then on it was pretty calm and then lunch ended. After lunch, Kora and Chloe skipped fourth period to hang out with me in the cafeteria, then at fifth period I tried to see if I could stay in Kora's english class, but the teacher was a frothing sack of denial and saw to it that I left the classroom. Pft, I could of helped with english too, what retardedness.

Well, after shopping with Kora's parents later that night I got busted for the whole day. I told my parents the story, apologized, and quite surprisingly didn't get punished. In any case, even if I HAD been punished, it was worth it very much. ^___^ If something I did made him happy, then that's worth anything and everything.

So that was Tuesday, my day of awesomeness. Now let's hear about Thursday, my dad of TOTAL NON-AWESOMENESS.

How would you feel if someone you didn't know online knew your name? Knew where you lived? Knew your friends, your school?


I found out the answers to these questions Thursday, when some crazed lunatic started messaging me on MSN and saying they knew all these things about me, and that they've been watching me for quite some time, and that they loved me and wanted to kidnap me and train me for god knows what.

I was so frightened I was almost crying, my hands were shaking. Things like this can't happen to me! That's what I thought anyways. I was quite wrong. Me and Azzy did our research about this freak, who did a very good job at cleaning up their messes, but they left some crucial information behind that MAY help us find them.

The stalker had already told us she was paki and 20+. With some research, we had found out that she was a 24-year old female who is into Sazo Mazo, which is an awful fetish sex thing with a slave and master, where the master beats the slave and other painful things which turn him or her on.


I have alerted my parents, friends, and school councillor of this situation. They are doing all they can to help me and expose this freak. Hopefully she will be locked up for her sins.

... I wonder why sometimes things can't be as I dream... why my life has to be such a waking nightmare sometimes...