Demico, for several hundreds of years, lay mostly unnoticed. Aside from an occasional trade ship, its shores remained clean. Then suddenly, nigh on a hundred years ago to the present day, human beings began to take an interest in the islands.

At first they only arrived in small numbers; a few brave men bearing peace offerings and smiles. In time, more and more arrived until they began to settle down and populate the outter corner of the isle known as Il Ogico. Though instinctively wary, the demis were nonetheless delighted by the humans, welcoming them with open arms; and for a while, it seemed as if they could co-exist. As time went on, it became apparent that this could not be.

As the new generations of demi-humans began to come of age, they questioned the humans' presence and rejected the laws that their representatives were allowed to pass. The humans, already fearful of the demis and their abilities, took action immediately and broke away from demi law, creating their own small government. The elder demis supported this move, but the young adults wouldn't have it. They began to hunt humans and to terrorize them, vandalizing and kidnapping when they could. It became a game.

This didn't continue for long, however. The humans, being the more aggressive of the two races, began to take over. They called help from the outside and eventually overthrew the simple demi government. Once in place at the head of Demico, they set up a series of 'Half-Laws' that were to restrain the demis. The demis, though powerless to resist these laws, were outraged.