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Blackemerald's Journal
I'll put in here what ever I feel like writting for the day I guess.
Another Character Profile, (Just the outline though)
(More Detail in Progress)
GaiaName: Blackemerald
Name: Cresent
Age: 12
Race: Fallen Angel
Gender: Female
Appearance: User Image
Personality: She uses her innocence to fool the minds of many, and she gets away with it a lot of the time. Her mind and heart was never in it for the good, she just loved watching people suffer, especially if she were the one that was causing the pain.
Weapon: Double sided spear
Magic: Manipulation
Side: Crimson Blood

Name:Emerald Star
Age: 18
Race: Night Elf
Weapon: Long silver sword, known as the devils hand. In the middle of the hilt lyes a blood red eye, that only opens when blood is spilt on the blade of the sword, once the eye is open you might want to watch it because now that things is blood hungry. Her second weapon is the Mountian demons claws, unbreakable silver claws that she was made on her birthday, with her speed and the sharpness of the claws she is very deadly enemy. Then later on in the story she recieves a weapon, two daggers that have a bit of power of there own, they instead of kill heal the wounds that Emerald carries, they do look like killing tools, but if on the verge of death she decides to help you all she has to do is stab you with the daggers and the wounds will slowly but surely heal, but ifyou are already dead there is no bringing you back, you have to have some life left in you for it to work.
Appearance:User Image
Other: She protect a human girl that she has looked after since it was a baby. The human girls name is Asterus and is 6 years old.
User Image

Another Character:

User name: Blackemerald
Name: Midnight Cresent Star
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human Priestess
Powers:Healing, Shimmering, Barriers, and Wind abilities
Weapon: Staff, she uses as a guiding stick as well
Personality: She is very kind hearted, always willing to help someone, not a very trusting person just because she has been fooled many times by people who took advantage of her condition. She doesn't like it when people try to help her out or feel pity on her because she is blind, she is very capable of taking care of herself.
Biography: She was born blind but always had a special gift for healing people. When she was old enough to know herself that she could help people, she begged her father to let her go and train her powers at the temple so she could help more people. It took a lot of explaining and begging for him to let her go but once she left the temple excepted her feeling the power she contained. Te next day she had joined the temple a staff had appeared at the pillar with her name below it. Many think angels dropped it off for her to use as eyes since her own sight was taken from her at birth. The staff had golden wings at the top and a violet pole had silver angelic symbols going up and down the pole. The temple not only teaching her how to tap into her own power they also taught her to use the sounds around her to see things, making it so she can defend herself in any type of trouble, and then the last bit of training that they could offer her was fighting and that took years for her to learn, she had to use both the sounds around her and her powers to give her the upper hand advantage. By the time she was 18 years old she had finished her training and was leaving the temple to travel elsewhere to help more people.
Appearance:User Image
Other:She also has a pet hawk that she meets later on in the story that also helps her see the world through his eyes. His name will be Sky.My Hawk

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