Sometimes you look up at the sky, and you wonder if that special person to you is thinking about you. What they could be thinking about you? Maybe you'll look at something important that person gave you, and you'll wonder if it'll ever be.

Someday, will you laugh together, cry together, love together?

To be happy, to be loved, to have friendship, all of it is everything. Without them, a life is bleak and cold, hardly worth living.

Sometimes there will be sadness, a rough period which rides on a rocky road, but when you reach that place the feeling will be ever the sweeter, the grass ever the greener, and life will be beautiful again. You'll sing and laugh again, smiling at eachother through the tears that built in the years.

... Then there will always be those that will be wishing for your happiness, they whom too look up to the stars and wonder... but to only stand behind the curtain and smile for your success.

No matter what sadness it brings to their eyes...

.. They will always be there for you, no matter what.