i miss my girlfriend and i havent kissed her in about 3 months and i want to be abe to feel her lips one more time! i just want my mom to stop being a b***h she ******** grounded me becase i was hanging out with someone who is like my brother and i got pissed off at her today! she wants to a b***h she also hates me weraring camo but i dont care and i will wear it tomarrow to school! and i was wondering if anyone like to wear camo besides me and paul??? so if u like to wear camo and combat boots regularly or just camo leave a message! i am doing fine besides that and i went larping today but a b***h by the name of louran was there and atleast he didnt try to start s**t today!!! ( for all u dont know this he wants to kick a** for no reason) and i was having fun intel i got a spear int the eye and k=now i have a black eye and i am doing just fine and my mom is so worried about me and i hate it!!! can u say over protective!!!
i love all of u!!!
Jacky Chan Jr.

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