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Reeko's Epic Journal of Madness!
Random things of randomness
The prologue. (Go ahead and leave comments nowz!)
This story takes place a long long time ago. Or in the future, thats up to your imagination really. It wouldnt matter though, as this is in an intirely different universe then the one your in. This story takes place on a planet called Elsia, on a continent called Erosia. The inhabitants of this continent are called Erosians as you prolly figured out on your own. Anyways, down south in a huge city known as Rigsby, is a little tavern called The Walking Jacket. And in this tavern is a girl who goes by the name of Amber. This story is hers, and it all started on the first day of the 9th month.

"Another drink over here!" Amber yells across the room. She is obviously smashed as it is.

The bartender quietly walks up and addresses her. "Sorry Missy, but i'm think'in you'av ed enuff alredy thar."

"Whatever, i hate this sh*t-hole anyway." Amber angrilly gets up, knocking her chair back. She glares at the Bartender before grabbing her brown leather vest and storming out of the Tavern. "I'v had it with this lame-ass city! I want somthing bigger, somthing bigger, and somthing BIGGER!" Somewhere off in the distance she can hear a stranger giving her a rather rude comment about her yelling late at night. Amber, in no mood to be doing anything really, just shrugs and wobbles and sways her way down the dark streets. She bumps into many people on her way to her house. some give her mean looks, others give her even meaner comments. In this city, you where either a rich snob, or a poor nobody. Amber was both, and niether at the same time. She got along best with the hoodlums that skipped out on school, or some of the rough looking sailors that would stop by on there way to the port city of Cowel to the East. All the riff raff knew her as one of the toughest girls to ever step foot on a ship. The rich knew her as the delinquent daughter of the mayor.

As Amber approaches her house, she looks over across the street at a huge mansion. Its tall towers and huge wings make it seem as though it where a castle. A giant double door, made of the finest oak, with two tall windows that covered all three floors of the massive structure. Gold outlined the doors and windows, while the brick was painted a pure white. But it wasnt nothing more then an over-blown shack. Amber knew, for she used to live there. She was the daughter of the mayor of the City of Rigsby. She sticks her tongue out at the her former home before going inside her new one. She slams the door behind her, but leaves her front window opened. A cool late summer's breeze filling her one room home. Her bedroom was her kitchen, bathroom, and living room all in one.

"Tomorow night i will make my move. My father is nothing without all that money of his. He doesnt deserve it, he hasnt lifted a finger in his life. Mean while im stuck here doing everything i can just to get by! What kind of life is that for the daughter of a mayor?" Amber paused a moment to think. She also tossed her brown leather vest on the floor and slid off her white blouse. She had a white tanktop underneath, her breasts not being very big, she had no use for bra's. She wiggled outa her tight brown leather slacks, her boreing white panties for all to see. She kicked her brown boots off and climbed into bed. She went over the plan again in her head, "...act casual, get him alone, steal his keys to his vault, detonate my delayed fireball spell, when he runs downstaires i open the vault, stuff as many bonds as i can fit in my blouse and escape through the window..."

As Amber goes over her plan, she slowly starts to drift to sleep, the candle-lit lantern slowly burning out, as if it where falling asleep with her. Pretty soon, she is in a deep sleep, unaware of the person standing just outside her window. He wore a black robe and hood, his face completely concelled. He stared at the sleeping face of Amber through the window, the cool breeze was gone, not a noise could be heard. It was as though time had come to a stop. The man extended his right arm, pointing his black gloved palm at Amber. He recited an incantation that could not be heard, then lowered his arm back to his side. The black of the sleeves blending in with the robe, makeing it seem as though his arm had vanished. Slowly, he sunk back into the shadows.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Dec 11, 2006 @ 06:56pm
Well hurry and work on it! scream

commentCommented on: Tue Dec 19, 2006 @ 07:45pm
I think im just gonna call this finished razz

Community Member
Imaginary_ Dreamz
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Dec 25, 2006 @ 02:56am
awww you have to finish!!!!!

commentCommented on: Fri Jan 05, 2007 @ 05:24pm
You uhh...gonna keep doing with this or what?

Community Member
Imaginary_ Dreamz
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Jan 24, 2007 @ 08:07pm
-pouts- AWWW YOU HAVE TO KEEP GOING!! I hate being left out reading something on a darn clift-hanger!! I wanna know who thew heck this mysterious guy is and what he wants with Amber! T.T

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