So I finished all the reformatting of Chapter 1... and it wasn't too bad. But then again, Chapter 1 may need the least amount of work of anything up until chapter 4, because I was fairly consistent within it. I still had to resize and rearrange quite a few panels to make it all work, but I got it done and ready to have printed. Yay!

Chapter 2... needs work before I can do that. Eep. I've got 9 panels I need to redraw elements of, so I suppose I'll have to get busy on that soon. It's all flowers. I'm going to hate flowers within five minutes of starting, I just know it.

I've also got the cover of chapter 1 underway, with the first element of the back about halfway colored, and the other elements ready to render and drop in place. Still have to draw the hand-drawn elements of the front. I'm also using the elements of the covers in a custom DS skin so I can have one that's shiny and cool to cover my currently very plain silver DS. (And whenever a Wii remote template comes available from the site I'm using, I'll be starting work on a skin for that too. And maybe even one for my poor neglected GBA.)

Pages of chapter 4 are done for this week, too, but I should also find time this week to do next week's pages so I don't do it at the last minute like I did this time. ^^