Chapter 4 has been running pretty smoothly... up till now. ^^ I've been working on the pages that are inked in random order and, well... haven't done the next one yet (though the one after it is actually complete and ready to upload). So I guess I know what I'll be doing all day tomorrow! Once I get that page, though, there's really not a whole lot of work left to do for the remainder of the pages set for this month, and then I can go back to the freehand stuff, as well as preparing the books for print.

On that topic, I've gone and set myself the rather lofty goal of being prepared to send in at least the first two for printing by the end of the month. Which is insane, since I also have new pages to draw and two costumes to finish for Ohayocon. Eep. But I think that's the only way I'm going to have all four ready by Detour to sell at the table. (Or at least the first three, if four's not fully drawn in enough time. I'd rather sacrifice one book to get the other three done, than try to do them all and end up with nothing.)

If you happen to be passing by and are reading this, I'd also like to pose a question to you. For a small-press book, full-color cover with hybrid interior pages (that is, some pages will be printed in color or partial-color), what would you be willing to pay?

Issue 1 is 40 pages.
Issue 2 is 28 pages (may be extended to 32 with side stories).
Issue 3 is 32 pages (with a side story).

You can offer a different price for each, as well as any explanation of why you'd pay that. Ignore what I might be paying for them right now, I'm looking for pure curb appeal on prices.

Additionally, what would you be willing to pay for a full-color poster measuring appx. 11x17?