It was my birthday on Nov. 15th 2006. Had an auction starting from Nov. 10th Until Nov 20th, so, I also made my birthday celebration at there too <33 Thanks alot for all of my friends who celebrated there with me, and giving me lots of beautiful and lovable pressie. I really really appreciate each and everyone of you *group hugs*

Psycho_kyugurl bought me lots of arts from various artist in gaia. It really lots of it cuz she wanna count it with my birthday, but, she still buying more even after 25 number reached o.o Kyu~~ you are such a dearie to me, really sweet and always gives your trust on me, when i am in need the most. nyaaa! love you so much!! :glomp:
[x][x][x][x][x][x] by Miss_Untitled
[x][x[x][x] by Boxsama
[x][x] by Remi_Chan
[x] by Froad
[x] by Vena
[x] by watercolour_blizz
[x] by blua
[x] by Klazzika
[x] by spazzu
[x] by Sor2y
[x] by M
[x] by Kuro Akira

Syuzuki draw this sweet and sexy group sketch for me! Omg so drooling *_* I LOVE SO MUCH! It's my OC. Poor ken and reizo at the background. Lmao. Blaze and reizo are the 2 hugging at the front x3 Crossed-pair. Lolx. Love it! *chuus syu* a very dearest friend! and thanks for the wishes!! omg bishie hubby <333

Queen_Willy draws me a very very cute and pretty highlighted color avi art. omg soooo cute!!! She is always sooooo nice and spoiled me with beautiful drawing~~~ Willy is a very very sweet person I tell you~!! And she never double-standard on me... Thanks alot willy!!!! emotion_hug heart

Aramaki draw me a Reizo art. Soooo damn cute!!! I love soo much it reminded me of my little cousin! I wanna kiss it at the first time I received it! Soo pretty! crying heart Thanks alot ara!!

Bana Banana helps me leveling my RO character by two level for my birthday cuz I cant connect to RO now since I am at my bro house XD Yay! Ken now level 99 <333 Thank you dearest! emotion_hug heart She also gives me crown at Ragnarok Online server we are playing together and Parisian Red Fan at Gaia *_* -luffs my bani the most- should I put the emperium anvil as my birthday presents too *_* &3333333

Shinobi_Seppuku draws me little reizo to me! Omg she's now busy with exam still spending time for me!! Drawing such a cutie!! I really love the way she colored it. sooo pretty skin *_* and she has been helping me by being around in my auction and bidding in it. I love shi so much tooo ~~ Thanks alot ya!!! crying heart

Darkandstargoddess draws me a cute prisma color pencil for me of Yurui. Ah~~ Thanks alot!! I hope I could always be around you, but our time zone differ is like &/3 We really miss to see you more in RO too. grow up fast in this event then by december we can play like a usual party of friend do *_* <333

Sagani draws me Haeru!! He looks so cute and he got his barcode yay! Thanks alot ne, sagani!!! *chuus* heart and she also draw my Ro Ken and his monkey Reizo!! Too cute!! Especially Reizo. Omg kawaiii!! *pinches it's cheek
[x] [x]

-Raeki- draw me a picture of Blaze. Omg the clothing is sooo pretty and loves the rose tooo! He reminded me of Tamaki! Omg~ Thanks alot ne, kuu! She is soo busy with SPM but still spending like lots of times for me! I really appreciate for the time you spend for me ya! Thank you <33

ANJII-yo. drew me a very pretty Natsu! omg he looks sooo pretty!!! *_* Thanks alot ya!! I really really love alot! Anjii is soo talented... ;_; And she is very kind to everyone! Very fun to be with! A very sweet friend! Thank you anjii ya!!!! You are always sooo kind to me all the time ;_; heart

[ao] draw me Ken and blaze art. Soooo bishie drawing!! She's sooo fast in drawing, very envious of her talent ;_; Blaze looks so sad... Crying until bleeds somemore. Ao really good with expressions o.o Thanks alot aooo!!! She helped with doing auction freebie too! I am sooo shameful. she made more freebies then I do o.o!!~ You are such a very very thoughtful and kind friend. I really happy that you are my friend crying <333
[x] [x]

`Tesoro draw me natsu~ Such a very sweet natsu she drew *_* <33 Thank you sooo much!! He got his necklace too yay! You are always supporting me and so kind to me! I really very happy to see all your comments at me. Thank you soo much!

Momo4ever gives me a drawing from Blua sooo pretty drawing. We exchange presents cuz our birthday is almost the same! o.o heart Thanks alot momo!!! It's such a very pretty present, I really love soo much!! Momo so sweet~~ o.o heart

Saimai gives me the drawing of my RO Ken <333 Soooo damn cute with his reizo the monkey! lmao!! I really love sooo much! IT was suppose to be my gaia commishie to her, but but...she gave it to me instead!! ToT Mai is soooo nice !! crying <3333 Thanks alot mai!! You never know how happy I am ;_;

Noshinima or I called her kura, gives be a Bone Helm as my birthday present at RO too ;_; Oh not a. It's 2. One for my little baphomet jr. and one for Ken. Thanks alot kura!! *eats* :love:

lilyla gives me a running nakie art thing of my avi. soooo sooo cute!! I used to have this one in my old avi, but that time still anniee22 making it. now she has given the permission to lilyla to continue doing the running nakie thing to lilyla. i think she doing it perfectly and i love sooo much! Thanks alot for giving me this as birthday pressie. it's soo cute I will treasure <3

Bob Dobbs gave me a Moogle pet from knuffle kigdom. I love those pet, you can feet them until fat! LMAO soo cute! Thanks alot! heart

Khy Lynn gave me 10000 gold for birthday present! Thank you sooo much ya!! Wee... I can buy the monkey using this *_* <33

aiyatsukichan drawing me my Ken in RO eventhough her shoppie didnt take other then avi art cuz my birthday and finishes it earlier >o< <333

And also...

Thanks for everyone who wishes me my birthday! You guys has really made my day and giving me a very sweet birthday celebration to remember! LOVE YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH!!! I hope I could do the same for you guys on your birthday. LOVELOVELOVELOVE!! :glomp: