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Blue Star News
News Thingie Launched!
Help wanted... to find out more, read the comments. If you have any skills you think would benefit, please let us know.

'Official' Blue Star News Stand!

Blue Star is a semi-large project that a group of friends have been working on. This project happens to be writing and drawing a manga-style web-comic, that they hope to maybe one day get published.
The reason it'll be hard, is because the three working on this project are all lazy procrastinators. xp And, we don't really have anyone else interested at the moment. So, I'm going to try to interest you!

First, let me explain the plot of Blue Star. Maybe that'll grab your attention. (One can only hope.)
Blue Star is a Sci-Fi/Horror/Romance (No lemons!) comic/manga/whatever you want to call it. It's set in 3026 AD. (Yes, the future) where most cultures have spread out through the universe, claiming their own planets so territorial wars wouldn't start as often.
Brayden, captain of the Earth military ship, the Blue Star, is sent on a mission to end a war between two formerly allied planets, hoping to regain the trust of these planets. (Though, we won't get into that right now.)
On his trip through space, his crew happens to stumble on something rather interesting.

Three, unidentifiable girls.

These girls have no memory of anything, prior to being found, or so they are told by their alien translator, as the girls don't seem to speak English. Oddly, they speak the language of one of the planets currently at war, which leads them to suspect that these girls might just be spies.
Stranger still, there seems something even more peculiar about these girls. Perhaps it is the wolf ears and vampire teeth?
To make matters worse, the pilot of the Blue Star, under orders to find the quickest route to the planet of Daichi, (One of the planets at war.) enters a zone in which Earth military is not welcome. The Masse system. (Home to the other planet at war.) When the pilot returns fire on a warning shot, this is the official start of another planetary war.

And that's all I can tell you for now. ^^ Doesn't sound TOO romantic, now does it? It'll be packed with character development, side-stories, (We LOVE character development, possibley even more then a plot itself, we plan to have a series of Omakes, purely for fan service) holiday specials, and lots of other good stuff!


And while we're here, let's go down the list of characters, so everyone can get acquainted. If enough people show interest in the project, we might even have short Q&A segments with the characters. biggrin (There is no specific order. xp )

The girls: Abigail, Kati, and Elizabeth are very interesting characters. They were found on the ship with no memory of anything. They seem innocent, cheery, and playful. Always curious and eager to learn. Because of their lack of knowledge, they are completely dependent on the Blue Star crew. Another strange thing is that they seem to keep having blackouts of some kind. Perhaps flashbacks? (Pics: Pic 1 In order from left to right: Elizabeth, Kati, Abigail)

(Though the girls are very similar to each other, we decided to explain each of their personality quirks real quick, 'cause they're such cool characters. ^.~)

Abigail: Probably the most adventurous of the group, Abigail seems to be the leader of the group. With iron will, and persuasive authoritativness, she usually makes the decisions and leads the group. (Pics: Pic 1 )

Kati: She seems to be the most innocent of the group, she is most likly to fall for the Captain's rather suggestive hints. She also seems to be the most friendly, willing to listen to anyone that's willing to talk to her. (Pics: Pic 1

Elizabeth: Probably the most curious member of the group, always ready and willing to learn, whether it be a simple unfarmiliar word, or the inner complexities of how the ship's engines work. (Pics: Pic 1 )

Captain Brayden Warrick: The flirtatious and playful captain of the Blue Star. Though he may seem like some flirty High School student, he is very serious in matters of war and military, and is very defensive of his troops, and the girls. (Pics: Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3 )

Amara Lixue: The cold hearted, fearless pilot. If you are ever able to get more then a snappy come-back or a short explanation from her, you're a better man (Or women) then most. Though she seems to be uncaring of everyone, she really is a noble soldier at heart. (Pic: Pic 1 )

First Mate Jiro Vova: The cousin of the notorious Captain Brayden, and yet a completely different persona. His mild-mannered, modest attitude can quickly, and without warning, turn in a panicky, nervous wreck. Despite this, he knows his position of power, and isn't afraid to push those of lower rank around. Especially slaves. He also has no respect for his captain, but never shows it unless he's not around. (Pic: Pic 1 )

Ehzno Zalmon: A quiet, and caring, alien, slave, born into a race of recently enslaved aliens. A unique breed of aliens, which communicates both verbally and by use of waves of sound below the a human's spectrum of sound, which is why no ship ever has more then one of his kind, out of fear that they might plot against their shipmates in secret. They also seem to have the ability to understand any language through tones in the voice. (Pic: Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3 )

Kurt Tariq: A former soldier for the Earth military now re-instated after hitch-hiking the galaxy for who-knows how long. (I know!) He says what he thinks, and hates being controlled. Particularly by a captain for whom he has no respect. (Brayden, to be more specific.) (Pics: Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3 )

Xan Rider: Just another new recruit. His true name is Alexander Rider, but doesn't seem to like being called that for some reason. He speaks little, but always seems to be thinking. Well spoken to, he usually replies with one liners, or as short a reply as possible. He seems anti-social and never really starts conversations. (Pics: Pic 1 ) (Edit: Okay, we SWEAR we had no clue there was an actor named Alex Rider. We didn't know untill very recently when we went to Wal Mart and saw the name on an advertisment. At this point, his character-creator almost broke down in tears, and almost changed his name.)

Dr. Virginia Lamarie: (Not really a main character, but she shows up enough to deserve recognition.) A sweet and cheerful doctor, who never really seems mad at anyone, not even the enemy. She is gentle and easily worried, and loves her job as much as she loves life. (Pics: Pic 1 )

Meet the Crew!

While we're all hear, let's introduce the three wonderful people who work so hard on this. ^^

Darth Abiha Vast: Our artist, character designer, back-story maker, director, and editor.
ChuckyLover01: Our double editor, (If you've got two editors, no way you can make a mistake!) short-comic artist, and idea-thinker.
MokieMorty: Our writer, news-updater, (Me. ^^) coordinator, and Ehzno's number one fan. heart (Note the profile music. wink )

(Yes, I know, some unusual titles, but I didn't know what else to call them. xp )

Rough Drafts: Chapters 1-5

I've got the first chapter written out, but if you'd lik to critique it, I've pasted it below.
I've also got drafts for the next four episodes finished, but I've got plans for episodes all the way up to 11, and even plans for much later episodes. We’ve got this pretty far thought out. Lot's of character back stories, and all the fun fan-service stuff. wink

The Pilot

Narrator Bubble: On this cold, dark day, in nineteenth century Germany, three abominations are to be burned at the stake. (Visual: Maybe a little gothic-style town, in a dismal colorless kind of fashion. Maybe a villager or two carrying wood/torches or whatever.
Narrator Bubble: But little did the townspeople know... (Visual: The girls lashed to the stake, a pile of hay and wood beneath them as a villager kneels to light the fire)
Narrator Bubble: They had one last sting left. (Visual: The fire begins to rage)
Narrator Bubble: One of these 'abominations' knew how to save them, if destiny allowed it. (A close up of Abz's face, mouth open as though whispering, a dark aura around her)
Narrator Bubble: Her power wouldn't save them from death, but it would bring them back to life when fate decided. Unfortunately, every spell has its drawbacks... (Visual: The villagers crowding around as the fire makes its way dangerously close to us. Abz still chanting)
Narrator Bubble: Because of an eternal bond the three shared, they would never forget each other. However, all other knowledge would be lost from them. (Visual: The flames engulfing us)
Narrator Bubble: Their spirits were flung through time itself as their bodies turns to ash, and they were never to be seen again. (The villagers cheer while crowding around the fire.)
Narrator: Until...

(Chapter One: The Spell, to War)

Brayden: Amara! (Visual: Brayden standing behind the pilot's chair, while Amara sits at the control panel doing whatever, and Jiro stands in the doorway a few feet behind Brayden.)
Amara: Yeah?
Brayden: Prepare to launch. (Visual: He continues to speak as he makes his way across the bridge, Jiro following)
Amara: *fiddling with control panel* All systems are ready.
Brayden: Begin the count down sequence. (He is now standing directly behind the pilot's chair)
Amara: *pushes button, as a small screen in the panel flashes '10'*
Inanimate Bubble: Launch in 10...
Inanimate Bubble: 9... (Visual: Pan out to outside few of the ship, looking through that section of the windshield.)

(Visual: As the count down continues the view pan increasingly further away, eventually showing the entire Blue Star, on an elevated launch platform. At about five, show the rear thrusters beginning to spark. Pan back the bridge, where Xan enters through the back doorway.)

Xan: Captain Brayden; there's a problem in Cargo Hold Four.
Brayden: Well, then take care of it, soldier!
Xan: No. *walks away*
Brayden: *rolls eyes* Newbies…*turns to Jiro* Go look onto that, Jiro.
Inanimate Bubble: 3... (Same frame)
Jiro: Yes, sir. (2...)
Inanimate Bubble: 1, lift off. (Visual: the ship taking off)

(Visual: We see Jiro walking down a huge hallway. Soon, he finds his way to a door. Above the door is a screen that reads 'Cargo Hold #4'. Jiro swipes a card, and the door slides open.)

(Visual: He enters the unlit room to find that a crate of supplies has been knocked off the end of the shelf. [Not the kind of shelf that you lean on a wall, the kind the go in rows and stuff] He sighs and goes to pick it up. When he gets near, he freezes at a sudden growing noise. We see Kati emerge from behind the shelf. Though it's a bit to dark to see any of her wolf features. Maybe have that effect where you only see a fading silhouette and glowing eyes? Eh, whatever.)

Jiro: *looks relieved* What are you doing in here?
Kati: ...
Jiro: Ehem. Are you authorized to be in here?
Kati: ... Was?
Jiro: Excuse me?
Kati: *Cocks head*
Jiro: *looks perplexed*

(Kati steps further out of the dark, revealing her wolf features. She is followed by Abbey, and Lisa.)

Jiro: *twitch* (Into com-device) C-C-Captain!?
Brayden: What now?
Jiro: I-I-I think I'll need your assistance... NOW!
Brayden: Eh... Okay... I'll be right down.
Jiro: Right... *lowers com device* *turns to the girls*
Jiro: N-Now, you answer me. Who are you, and what is your purpose?
Liz: *cocks head*
Abz: *stares*
Brayden: (Sticks head in) What no- Ooohoohoooooo... (Comes in) Three beautiful women... And they're all naked.
Jiro: CAPTAIN! (flails out arms to block the view) Have some decency!
Brayden: Well now, what are three fine ladies like yourselves doing in here?
Girls: *look perplexed*
Lisa: Sprechen Sie Deutsches?
Brayden: Oh, foreign babes. Menschlichians, to be precise.
Jiro: *rolling his eyes*
Abbey: *to Kati* Was dieser Platz ist?
Kati: *shrugs*
Jiro: *into com-device* Vie?
Ehzno: *through com* Yes, sir?
Jiro: I need you at Cargo Bay four. And bring some extra uniforms, while you're at it.
Ehzno: Yes, sir.
Brayden: So, what's your sign?
Jiro: *slaps forehead*
Girls: *confused looks*
Jiro: No matter what pick-up lines you use, they won't be able to understand you. -.-
Brayden: *playful smile* Nonsense! The language of love is universal. <3
Girls: *look at each other*

(Ehzno enters from behind)
Ehzno: Hello, sirs. *gives uniforms to Jiro* May I ask what’s going on? *Blushing as he notices the girls*
Jiro: No you may not.

(Scene cuts to the girls wearing new clothes, which are way to big for them.)

Brayden: That was quite a show...
Jiro: *mutter* Pervert. *turns to leave*
Kati: Entschuldigen Sie mich, aber wer si-
Ehzno: *antenna twitches*
Brayden: Ladies, I'm Captain Brayden... *points to badge that shows his rank* And on my ship, we don't speak languages unknown to the captain.
Abigail, Lisa, and Kati: Uh...
Brayden: Yes! We're getting somewhere!
Trio: Ja?
Brayden: *slaps forehead* *Now frustrated* Do - you - speak - Human!?
Abbey: Ich werde... erschrocken
Ehzno: *antenna twitches again*
Brayden: *thought bubbles* I bet they're just playing dumb. Maybe they're spies from Masse!
Brayden: Brayden: Vie, I want these girls detained in Cargo Bay Two until we can get a decent translator.
Ehzno: Actually, si-
Brayden: Get to it, Vie.
Ehzno: Yes, sir.
Ehzno: *to girls* … Gekommen… mit mir.
Girls: *hopeful smile*
Kati: Ich verstand den!
Brayden: You speak Menschlichian? Where did you learn that?
Ehzno: Just barely, sir. My species is able to learn almost any language by only hearing a few word-
Brayden: Ask them what they're doing here.
Ehzno: Yes, sir.
Ehzno: *to girls* Mag… ich fra… fragen, was… Sie hier tun?
Abbey: Ich weiß nicht.
Ehzno: *to Brayden* I believe they say ‘they don't know’, sir.
Brayden: They don’t, eh?
Brayden: Then how did they get here?

(Author's note: And now, to reduce confusion, we're gonna translate what the girls say, so you can pretend it's still Menschlichian. <These symbols> mean that it’s spoken in a different language.)

Ehzno: <Do you know… how you… got in here?&gt;
Abz: <We just woke up... And we were here…>
Ehzno: I think they have amnesia, sir.
Brayden: They can’t all have the same type of amnesia at the same time!
Ehzno: Not unless it was caused chemically.
Brayden: *thoughts* Or unless they’re faking it… *outloud* This is sounding a lot like a soap opera, Vie. I think you’d better change your diagnosis!
Ehzno: That’s the only thing I can think of, sir.
Brayden: Well Vie, Looks like they're with us for now. *thoughts* Until I find out who they are… They’re still kinda cute, though. ^^
Brayden: *spoken* Now, take them to the Cargo Hold until we can get back to Earth.
Ehzno: Shall I tell Amara to cancel the trip?
Brayden: No! We’ll get to Manusia on schedule. This war won’t end itself!
Ehzno: Yes, sir.
Ehzno: *to girls* <Come with me, girls.> *turns and walks off*
Girls: *Follows*
Abbey: <Where are we?&gt;
Ehzno: <You are aboard the… military ship Blue Star. >
Kati: <'Ship'? This doesn't look much like a ship.>
Liz: <Or at least not one that's structurally sound. >
Ehzno: *looks slightly confused, but moves on* <It's supposedly one of the greatest ships ever built.>
Lisa: <What sea are we sailing?&gt;
Ehzno: <What?&gt;
Lisa: <Or are we on the ocean?&gt;
Ehzno: <No one's sailed on the ocean for over four-hundred years.>
Girl: *stop dead*
Kati: <Wh-what?&gt;
Ehzno: <I said “No one's sailed on the ocean for over four-hundred years.”>
Lisa: <Four-hundred? That can't be right…>
Ehzno: <Well, it is. Didn't you know? They built a dome over Earth's oceans to reduce pollution. >
Kati: <Pollution?&gt;
Ehzno: <I assumed they did that on every planet.>
Lisa: <I don't understand…>
Abbey: <What do you mean by 'every planet'?&gt;
Ehzno: <You really don't know?&gt;
Kati: <I don't even know my name…> *pathetic, puppy-eyes*
Ehzno: Poor girls. <Well, this is where you will be staying.> *points to Cargo hold* <You'll need this to get in.> *hands Abbey a slide-card from around his neck and walks off assuming they know how to open it.*
Abbey: *looks curiously at it then puts it on* ???
Kati: ???
Lisa: ???

(In the cockpit)

Brayden: *with arm around Amara* So, Baby.
Amara: *flat face, as though not noticing him*
Brayden: How about you and I-
Amara: No thanks.
Brayden: I'm the captain, and what I say goes!
Amara: I'm the pilot, and if what I say doesn't go, we crash into the sun.
Jiro: *just walking through door* What!? Crash into the sun!? What's going on!?
Brayden: Nothing, Jiro. What's up?
Jiro: *regains composure* Uh, well, sir… Those girls we found have gone missing.
Brayden: I had Vie take them to their room.
Jiro: No, sir, they're not there.
Brayden: Suspicious… *sighs* That worthless little bug probably lost them. Go find them, Jiro.
Jiro: *salutes* Yes sir. *turns to go find them*
Brayden: So, where were we?
Amara: I was about to punch you in the face if you didn't shut up.
Brayden: Riiight.
Amara: And then you were going to leave.
Brayden: Got'cha! But remember, I'll keep coming back, baby! *winks*

(In the hallways)

Jiro: *passing by Ehzno* You!
Ehzno: Yes, sir?
Jiro: Where did those Menschlichian girls go?
Ehzno: I left them by their room, sir. I-
Jiro: Well they're not there. Did it ever occur to you that they don't want to be kept in one place? We can't rule out the possibility that these girls are Menschlichian spies.
Ehzno: I-I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean to-
Jiro: You'd better find them, Vie. I should have you beaten for this as it is.
Ehzno: Forgive me, sir.
Jiro: Get to it. Now.
Ehzno: Yes, sir. *turns away*
Jiro: And lock them up when you find them. I want to find out their motives.
Ehzno: If you don't mind me saying, sir, I don't think-
Jiro: Yes, I do mind you saying. Get going.
Ehzno: *nods and continues walking* Yes, sir.


(The girls trot through the hallways adventurously, Liz trailing behind hesitantly, but still absorbing the same details)

Abz: <You know, it's strange… I have no memory of either of you, but I feel like… I feel like I've always known you. It feels so natural to be around you. Not like anything else around here. It all feels so unreal.>
Liz: <I know what you mean. I can't help but feel that we shouldn't be here. And what was that green-haired creature talking about when he talked about the ocean and 'pollution'?&gt;
Kati: <I don't know. Do you think it's something we don't remember?&gt;
Liz: <If we could forget something like that, how would we remember that ships move on water?&gt;
Abz: <Apparently they don't anymore.>
Kati: <Then what are we moving on?&gt;
Liz: <If only we could find a window, or the deck, or something.>
Abz: <Hey, why don't we?&gt;
Liz: <I'm not sure we should->
Kati: <Lead the way, ma'am!>
Abz: *grins and points forward* <ONWARD!>
All: WAAH!!! (Visual: Suddenly, the ship lurches forward, as though hit, knocking the girls off their feet)
Kati: <What was that!?&gt;
Liz: <I think the ship is under attack!>

(The Cockpit)

Amara: (Urgently, but not frantically, working the controls)
Jiro: *bursts into the room* What happened!?
Amara: We've been hit.
Jiro: WHAT!? Where!?
Amara: No where fatal. It was a warning shot.
Jiro: *looks out cockpit* Wait a minute! That's a Menschlichian warship!
Amara: Those are pretty common in this sector.
Jiro: That’s because this is their sector! (Ship lurches) Gyaaaa!!
Jiro: Just call them up and tell them we’ll get out as soon as we can!
Amara: Do you speak Menschlichian?
Jiro: Well, no. But-
Amara: Then we fight back.
Jiro: What!? Without Captain Brayden's consent?
(Brayden is shown standing at the door, it’s still open, as if he just entered)
Brayden: You have my consent!
Amara: *into com-link* Fire a warning shot.
Jiro: But return fire means war!
Amara: They can’t tell anyone if they’re dead.
Jiro: But there's more sensible alternate-AH! (Ship lurches)
Amara: *into com* I said-
Jiro: 8pleading to Brayden* Captain!
Amara: *into com* FIRE!



(Xan sits in his quarters, holding a data-pad of some sort, probably a list of names or assignments. A steamy cup of coffee rests on the table at which he sits. He glances up at the window over his reading glasses as the ship lurches. The coffee cup almost falls off of the table, but with his lightning reflexes, he manages to catch it without spilling a drop. He sets it down, and goes back to his reading, as though nothing is happening.)

Jiro: Please! Be reasonable! (The ship lurches again)
Brayden: No time!
Jiro: Do you know what you've done by returning fire?
Brayden: Yes, yes-
Jiro: We've started a war!
Brayden: I KNEW those girls were spies!
Jiro: But, sir.. We're the ones that started the war.
Brayden: Did you find them yet!?
Jiro: I had Vie go loo-
Brayden: Find. Them. NOW!
Jiro: Yes, sir! *salutes and turns to run out the door, almost falling when the ship lurches again*
Amara: We have to get out of here. The ship has taken on massive damage.
Brayden: Oh, so you just wanna show up, start a war and leave? If we take that ship down, they can't go back to Masse and warn the rest.
Amara: We can’t continue like this!!!
(ship lurches)
Brayden: I’m the captain! I call the shots!
Amara: *looks mad*

Ehzno: <Girls!? Girls!?&gt; Where are they!? *He grabs a nearby threshold to sturdy himself as the ship lurches again* Ah- <Girls!?&gt;

(Not far off)

Kati: *ears twitch* <The green-haired thing! I can hear him!>
Liz: <Maybe he can tell us what's going on!>
Abz: <Where is he?&gt;
Kati: <Follow me!> *starts running, the other girls following*

(Kati leads them down an 'H'-turn hall, her ears twitching every now and then after a few twists and turns, she pulls to a stop to see Ehzno, still leaning against the threshold)

Ehzno: <There you are! I was worried I'd lost you.>
Kati: <What's going on?&gt;
Ehzno: <I'm not sure, but I think we've entered a war zone.>
Abz: <What? How? How does a ship move when it's not on the ocean?&gt;
Ehzno: <What?&gt;
Liz: <This ship! Something is out of place…>

(The ship lurches again)

Ehzno: Eh! <I'll explain later, right now I need to get you girls somewhere safe!>

(Ehzno starts leading them back to the cargo-hold)

Kati: <I have to ask, What's your name?&gt;
Ehzno: <Me? Ehzno Zalman.>
Ehzno: <Here!> *stops in front of the door to the cargo-hold* <Stay here, I'll go find out what's happening.>
Kati: *grabs Ehzno's arm* <You aren't going to leave us, are you?&gt;
Ehzno: <Well, I->
Liz: <I'm afraid… I… I don’t understand… Anything.>
Abz: <Please don't leave us!>
Ehzno: <I-I… *sigh* Alright, I'll stay with you for a bit, but I really need to- >
Abz: <Thank you.>
Ehzno: <What?&gt;
Abz: <'Thank you'>

(Ehzno stares for a moment, as if not registering what she was saying.)

Abz: Arg!
Ehzno: *snaps out of it* <What's wrong?&gt;
Abz: <I can't figure out how to open the door…>
Ehzno: <Oh, I'm sorry! Here.> (He reaches for the card around her neck and swipes it) <There.> *ushers the girls in, closing the door behind him*
Kati: <Thank you, Ehzno.>
Ehzno: *smiles at her*

(The cockpit)

(Ship lurches)

Amara: We’ve reached critical.
Brayden: Can't you do anything else!? Aside from run?
Amara: I could, but-
Brayden: DO IT!
Amara: Okay. *Starts rapidly switching the joystick left and right, causing the occupants of the ship to be tossed around* Oh yeah, you may wanna put on your seatbelt. *smirk*
Brayden: Thanks for the tip. -_-*

(Because of the insane flying, the enemy is unable to hit them.)

Amara: *into com* Have they sent any transmittions?
Comlink: I’m afraid so, ma’am. Probably warning all of the nearby ships.
Amara: Hold fire. *pulls joy-stick back*
Brayden: What are you doing!?
Amara: If we can breach their wind-shield deflectors, we can knock them out before their allies get here.
Brayden: o.o;;
Amara: Fire!

(Shots fire out like CRAZY!!!)

Brayden: Try not to burn out the engines, hm?
Amara: Don’t worry about it.
Brayden: No, really-
Com: The shields have been breached!

(The two watch as the attacking ship is blow into little, tiny, well, not that tiny, but small pieces.)

Brayden: Pretty…

(Elsewhere, somewhere in the hallway)

(We see Jiro walking through the hallway, by now a lot of commotion has been generated, people running about frantically)

Jiro: Oh, Vie better have found them by now.
Virginia: *seems to be caught up in the trouble, until she spots Jiro* Oh, Jiro! Sweetie, are you okay?
Jiro: Just peachy. *sarcastic* Look, I need to find-
Virginia: Oh that's good to hear. Have you seen your cousin?
Jiro: He's in the cockpit. Have you seen-
Virginia: I better go make sure no one's hurt, with all that strange flying and lurching earlier.
Jiro: Wait, Virginia, I need-
Virginia: *rushes off to the cockpit*
Jiro: *gonk* Thanks!
Jiro: VIE! Where the heck is he!?

(The cargo hold)

(We see the four scattered about the room, Ehzno standing attentively by the door, staying very calm.)

Kati: *leaning on wall opposite of Abz* <So do you remember anything?&gt;
Abz: <Only the fire…>

(Ehzno stands alone quietly, listening to the conversation.)

Liz: <That doesn't help much.>
Kati: <I'm just so confused.>
Liz: <I still don't see how we wound up naked on a ship that doesn't sail on water, and no one around us knows who we are.>

(The girls ponder this)

Ehzno: … <The battle must be over. It seems we haven't taken a hit in a while.>
Liz: <If you really want to, you can go see what happened…>
Abz: <But I'm coming with you.>
Kati: <And so am I.>
Liz: <I'm not staying here alone.>
Ehzno: *smiles* <Alright then.> *turns to leave, girls following*

(Back at the cockpit, we see Virginia rubbing Brayden's shoulders, and Amara with a prideful look on her face.)

Brayden: Aaaaaah…
Virginia: There. How's that feel? Better?
Brayden: Mmm… Nope, still strained.
Virginia: Oh dear. Amara? Are you alright?
Amara: Yeah. Sure.
Virginia: Brayden, dear, why is it that you were the only one hurt?
Brayden: Uuh… Good question. ^^;; Just keep rubbing.

(Jiro enters)

Amara: Hey, Jiro. *waves*
Jiro: For goodness sakes, women! Hands on the controls!
Amara: *dismissive hand wave* Yeah, yeah.
Ehzno: *also entering the room* May I inquire as to what's going on?
Jiro: There you are!
Amara: You didn't miss much.
Jiro: Much!? MUCH!? You just started a planetary WAR for goodness sakes!
Ehzno: I see.
Kati: *taps Ehzno's shoulder* <What happened, Ehzno?&gt;
Ehzno: <Well->
Abz: *notices view-point* <WOAH!>
Liz and Kati: <Hm?&gt; *notice* …
Liz: <Wow…>

(Visual: A beautiful star-scape is spread out in the viewpoint in fornt of them)

Ehzno: <Yeah…Trust me, that'll take some getting used to.>

(End Chapter One)

(I promise that not every chapter will be so long. >.0)

What do you think? Add, remove, change? Help me out here!

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Thanks for reading!

Well, I hope I've kept your interest long enough to get to this point, and I most certainly hope I interested you in the manga! (If I have, tell your friends about us, maybe?) If you'd like a notification of updates, just send Project Blue Star a friend request. ^^
Any fanart, fan letters, questions, comments, or concerns would be greatly appreciated! Give feedback via comments or PMs, please! heart

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    Concept artists

    These are people, who will come up with creative designs, in areas such as:
    If you work for us as a concept artist, you can draw pretty much any one or all of these things. You do not have to be extreemly good, just as long as you are creative.
    If you choose this area, you are not have to be able to draw all of these things. Lets say for example, you want to do concept art, but you only know how to draw animals... Well thats okay! You can be our animal designer! Or maybe you just have one design in specific, and that's it. Then cool! Show it to us, and we'll see if we can use it! ^^

    comment Doctor Bonez · Community Member · Mon Feb 26, 2007 @ 07:34pm
    Layout Designers

    Layout artists will be making the manga look more like a manga by taking the artwork and creatively putting it together in panels... Like in traditional manga.

    comment Doctor Bonez · Community Member · Mon Feb 26, 2007 @ 07:35pm
    Basic Sketcher

    A basic sketcher will be in charge of drawing the base lines for each panel. They will map out how the characters should be placed in each veiw panel. They should be able to give interesting perspectives, and action scenes.

    comment Doctor Bonez · Community Member · Mon Feb 26, 2007 @ 07:40pm
    Clean-up Artist

    Clean-up artists will be cleaning up the lineart, making them smoother, or thicker, taking the basic sketch lines out, and making it look prettier. This artist must have access to the proper computer programs, since this is a web-manga.

    comment Doctor Bonez · Community Member · Mon Feb 26, 2007 @ 07:46pm
    Background Artist

    This artist will be in charge of drawing backgrounds. They will need to have creativity when designing alien planets.

    comment Doctor Bonez · Community Member · Mon Feb 26, 2007 @ 07:51pm
    Coloring Artists

    This artist must have a basic concept for manga coloring techniques, and the proper tools. Such things can be obtained through "How to Draw Manga" books. I think it is is coloring teqniques, but the book comes with a computer program.
    This is not a required program... If you can simulate manga style techniques with another program, that is great too! You might also be asked to CG some art, so be prepared for this task to.

    comment Doctor Bonez · Community Member · Mon Feb 26, 2007 @ 07:55pm

    Drafters will need to support basic outlines for the chapter they are writing. They will need to be able to write a good summary and conclusion for each chapter, unless the chapter is meant to be left at a cliff-hanger.

    comment Doctor Bonez · Community Member · Mon Feb 26, 2007 @ 08:07pm

    Prewriters will flesh-out the draft with creative writing. This will be done in script format. Prewriters are required to have a pretty good understanding of character interaction. They will also be writing small little notes as to what the character is doing (if anything) as they speak.

    comment Doctor Bonez · Community Member · Mon Feb 26, 2007 @ 08:09pm

    Polishers will fix up any mistakes that the writers may have made. They will NEED to use microsoft word, and have time to sit down to carefully read.

    comment Doctor Bonez · Community Member · Mon Feb 26, 2007 @ 08:10pm

    Polishers will fix up any mistakes that the writers may have made. They will NEED to use microsoft word, and have time to sit down to carefully read.

    comment Doctor Bonez · Community Member · Mon Feb 26, 2007 @ 08:11pm

    Critiques will need to be blunt and honest about the writing. They will share detailed opinions on what needs to be improved or omitted from the work. They must be able to sit and find flaws in characters and writing, as well as provide helpful tips for the writers. (Writers will not know what to do if they are not told what is wrong.)

    comment Doctor Bonez · Community Member · Mon Feb 26, 2007 @ 08:12pm

    These people are in-charge of other duties as assigned.

    comment Doctor Bonez · Community Member · Mon Mar 12, 2007 @ 09:14pm
    User Comments: [12]

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