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Why is this space even here?
Read this....you know you want to....
Dark and light flashed together in an alternating pattern as he sat hunched over in his coat in the box car of the train. He had almost fallen asleep several times during his trip, but everytime he drifted off, he saw the faces...the faces of all the people who will never breathe again, will never see the dawn break over a hill, never to see their homes or families again. He sits their and as he remebers, he feels the other side that has been born into him at birth russel agianst his mind.
It all happened around five days ago, in a small little town ouside of the major city of Galvahal. he had stopped their for a brief moment to rest and buy some more food, when it happened. The other side that he keeps surpressed, broke lose of its mental bonds and flowed freely through his mind and began to take control of him. Soon it was not Syvlth, an innocent child who would never hurt anyone, but an entity beyond anyones control. Power and anger emmited from the core of this being and a red aora spread out from the small figure of the child, everything this aura touched eitehr burst into flames or became defiled and started to leak a poison into the air. Claws grew out of the child's small hands and he jumped on the closeist person and jammed his claws threw her neck and ripped out her windpipe and jugular viens. Soon everything was lost in chaos and there were people running with chunks missing from their flesh and their lungs swelling out of their throats from the poison that slowly was spreading from the defiled buildings and dead bodies. Fire burned piles of corpses and blood flowed freely from everything that has, or had, a life. every so often the sounds of a dieing person moaning could be hurd sounding through the desimated village and in the center of all this carnage stood a small boy holding an even small child in his hands. Syvlth regained control of his arms and legs and the first thing he noticed was his hands, they were covered in every sort of gore that could ever be imagened, they dripped with blood and the juice from squeezed organs. he looked up further to see a small girl clutched in his hands, however he could not release her.
"Your...nothing but a....monster.." she said weakly.
"Shut up.....i did none of this"
"Yes...you did....you killed all these people....murdered my family and destroyed the town..."
"SILENCE!!!!!!" Yelled Syvlth and the entity in unison.
As they yelled the entitys claws extended into the girls throat and just as she was dieing she managed to whisper
"See?.....nothing but.....a monster..."

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  • [07/05/07 07:22am]
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    commentCommented on: Tue Aug 14, 2007 @ 03:32am
    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i never knew you wrote stuff like this!!!!! it's so awsome!!!!

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