Need a new journal.. haven't written one in a while, but I'm not feeling like it at the moment so I'll make this short.

Dustin and I broke up a while ago, didn't last very long. On the plus side, him and Karlie have really developed something... I saw it the last time I saw them together. I didn't like Dustin that much anyways... Well okay, I did, but ... I didn't feel for him. -sighs- At first I was a little jealous of Dustin and Karlie together, but now I'm truly happy for them... They both deserve someone to cherish and who will cherish them back.

I'm sure there is someone for me out there, too. Someone who will love me, and I will love them back just as equally... yes, there is someone precious to me, but these feelings are very one-sided. There is really not much I can do besides try to support his feelings for someone else... she is a very lucky girl, even though she doesn't return that affection.

Love is so wierd, ne? I envy those with mutual affection ... but there will always be sadness and happiness, just like in me and my realizations.

Well, on another topic, today was a snow day. I was so happy to get more sleep this morning! I've been staying up rather late lately... Mostly talking to T-Mix. We have very interesting discussions. We'll also be starting a roleplay here soon, and although the basic idea is formulated we'll probably keep adding to it. If anyone is interested in joining it, they should send him a PM.

I hope that this Friday gets successfully planned, if it does, then it'll be lots of fun. ^^