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Stripclub Motion Sickness
The Surgeon General's warning indicates that her Journal may be slightly confusing to people. Use an extreme open mind when reading, and at all costs neglect to make stupid remarks in response.
My Nearly Impossible Quest
So I have decided to start a quest. Not just any quest, a nearly impossible quest. What is it you ask? Well...



I want every single monthly donation item ever made... even the halo.

"Le Gasp!" You say?

"You're mad!" You retort?

Possible... It is possible.... But then again, I've never been one to listen to reason.

So far I have these:

Chyaku Norisu Scarf
Mythril Armor
Elegant Veil
Bammi Hat
Orly Hat
Solar Headdress
Phoenix Circlet
Horns of the Demon
Baby seal slippers
Penguin Slippers
Kitsune Mask
Shadow Spirit
Demon Bow
Coco Kitty
Kiki kitty
Momo monkey
Mini UFO
Mochi Puppy
Snow Yeti Pillow Plush
Gwee the Dragon
OMFG- Donated by iPedo!!! heart domokun heart

So I obviously have a long way to go.

A long, long way to go.

But I will prevail! Hopefully, some of my kind friends will donate gold or items to me (Anything, actually, anything at all will help) and some of you friendly Gaians will help as well. And I will buckle down and get a quest thread up soon.

Oh, and if you're one of those people who wants something for something given, I do avatar art and edits. As seen:
User Image (Jael was my old name)
And here:
User Image
But note, you have to tell me that you're "donating" to receive art, to actually receive art. I will not send you a thing if you don't tell me in the trade that you want an edit or hand drawn piece of art, and then detail it in a PM.

Oh yeah, I will kill you if you steal my art.

My Quest will cost approximately... 232+ Million gold.... so it will take a while, but I'll buy items as the gold comes to me. Every little bit counts, as seeing I have approximately .053% (right now 123828 and about 19973 in gift credits... which don't help me at all.)

But I will prevail!

Even if it takes... forever>.>

The amount of gold or the price of the item that you donate/give to me depends on the awesomeness of your edit or art. I'll begin putting prices up once people start donating. Depending on the type of donations I get is how I'll compare prices of art to match. So the first person who donates, whether it be high or low, might get really awesome art since I have nothing to compare it to. Just donate and tell me what you want, and you shall receive. If I get enough donations, it might take a while to get back to you, but I will, and I'll show you the progress as I go along. Someone who does VERY well in donating will get a drawn and computer colored piece of art, of anything they want.... Just note I'm not that great with backgrounds...

I also have stuff for sale:

1 crumpled newspaper
1 crumpled blue construction paper
1 old crumpled newspaper
1 Xerox white crumpled paper
1 xerox blue crumpled paper
1 crumpled red construction paper
paper bag hoodie
paper bag cap
old newspaper comb over
newspaper comb over
blue paper spiky hat

6 red dragonflies
4 grasshoppers
3 red beetle
3 firefly
4 yellow butterflies
3 red butterflies
8 crickets
1 brown beetle
2 cicada
1 green dragonfly

Purple Daisie Blue bouquet with red ribbon
white carnation red bouquet with black ribbon
single pink daffodil bouquet

sharp fish teeth
1 black pebbo feeder
2 grade F fish bait

Right T Blox
L Blox
Red L Blox
Jade Peasants Top
Jack Uniform Shirt
Jack Uniform Coat
S-Corp Lab Coat
Easter Bunny shirt
Jack'd Skirt 2k6
Jacked Belt
Jack Uniform Pants
Bunny Tail
Holly Jolly socks
Holly Jolly Boots
Jack Uniform Shoes
Anti VonHelson Sister picket sign
Anti Gambino picket sign
Marshmallow Snowman
Holly Jolly Poinsettia earmuffs

Um... If you have any questions or I'm missing something leave a comment or send me a PM.

heart Donators heart :

Arrioch donated2000 gold and a multitude of game items blaugh
iPedo- 50000 gold and an OMFG (I heart joo)
SexJeans- 740 gold! 4laugh
Musado- 500 gold! heart
chaos948- 1300 gold! domokun
Alaeria- Thank you letter for mar. and feb. 2006, thank you letter for sep. 2005, Thank you letter for may 2004 xd xd xd xd heart heart heart domokun domokun domokun heart heart heart I want you to have my muffin babies.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Dec 17, 2006 @ 02:27am
I did have your muffin babies!! But you ate them all!!! crying crying

commentCommented on: Sun Dec 17, 2006 @ 07:56pm
wow, well goodluck. I might help you.....

Community Member
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