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My life sucks and i want to die!my friends deserte me daily. And i feel like my heart has been ripped into so many little pieces that they all could be thread through the eye of a needle. She is tearing me appart at the seam!
im confused depressed and i miss my girlfriends face! i havent seen her in months and i really miss her! i miss my gunnea pig! and i want to know where my life is going to and when im going to finally be happy??? leave a comment and give advice! please?

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Love Amy
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Nov 26, 2006 @ 07:53am
Alright, First off: You don't know me. whee
But that's okay because despite the fact that I have never talked to you before in my life, and blah, I still care because you are depressed. So, let's just say that I tend to help the depressed.

Anyway, on to your problem.
It sounds to me like you are a bit lonely; you obviously miss your girlfriend very much. But only a stupid person wouldn't realize that.
I read a couple of your other journals; you are also obviously confused. Again, it would take a true idiot to not realize this. Anyway, you need to trust this Daphney girl more. I know you love her; but the biggest part of love is trust. And if you don't learn to trust than you don't have the love in the first place. And if you don't have the love, than you are wasting your time.
Now... I know some things are hard to do; like not seeing your girlfriend, for instance. Trust me... I've done it too, and it is as easy as you make it. If you make it harder for yourself, than I guess I understand why you are so ******** depressed in the first place. heart

Although you don't see her, it doesn't mean she isn't there; she is in your heart, so just remember that. Also, you need to remember that your girlfriend has a life. She also has limitations; sometimes people can't get places because of obstacles. It sounds to me like you would do anything to get over those obstacles for her, but remember we are all human and she may not be able to. (Sorry if this is off topic, I just don't know the whole story on this situation xD)

commentCommented on: Sun Nov 26, 2006 @ 07:55am
(And this is continued from my last)

Your Guinea pig is in a happy place now, watching over you while he wears that yellow halo over his head. He is helping you. 3nodding

Now, I don't know you. I don't know your life. But I can bet you my ******** life that I have probably seen some s**t you have; just because I am 14, doesn't mean I don't know what the ******** I am talking about. I have learned to realize that life is what you make of it: you work hard, you get rich; you act in a charitable manner, you will gain happiness in return. It's all about Karma, baby. cool

Basically? If you drown yourself in all this self pity, then you will really get no where. You will dig a hole so far until you reach the bottom, then you won't be able to get out. So, a bit of advice: I know it is hard, but start while you are young. I have seen crazy s**t happen to people who were like this all their lives. I have seen someone jump in front of a train, I have seen two dead, gutted people in their station wagon, I have seen someone slit their throat: all in real life. And all because they wouldn't make what they could of their life. Although you may think it to be impossible for you to be happy, you can! While Daphney is away, find things you like to do! If you don't then... it is almost as if you don't want to be happy.

If all else fails... please remember this:
If you decide to take your life, you may be releasing your pain, but you may also be causing the pain of others. In other words, if you kill yourself you aren't just setting yourself free; you are making a whole bunch of people who ACTUALLY CARE about you suffer.

Love Amy
Community Member
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