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We've been on the run for days. Those horrible people killed my mother...and then my father. Now it's just my sister and I. They killed my mother because she tried to protect us. They want to test on my sister and I. We ran and left with our father. They found us many times again, but last week they found us and killed my father in the process. How angry I was...I remember it becoming very hot. The next thing I knew was that everything was on fire...Faith later told me that I had done it. They called me...a pyrokenetic...or something of that sort...I didn't understand it for a long time. Faith tried to explain it a little more for me and I soon understood. Our parents always told us we were different. I never got to play with the other kids around us because they were afraid of me. They called me things like "witch", "monster", and so many others. They used to get my sister so upset...and even more to me. I set a kids hair on fire once because of it. The bad thing about it was that i kinda liked it. It's weird for other people I guess to get used to goddesses living on Earth. So then they decide to shun and try to kill us. I obviously don't see what they'll get out of it other than knowing what a steak must feel like when you put it in the oven. Well...I'm tired and Faith and I have more running to do. I'll write more tomorrow.

Jaque, Night 5
...New friends...
Oh journal, months have past and I haven’t written a single bit in you for so long. I have no excuse for this. I guess I should tell you a bit about what has been happening lately. A few days ago, I met a girl. Her name is Mina. Mina’s got these amazing eyes; they change color from time to time. She’s got short dark brown hair with a few streaks of red. Poor girl isn’t very tall; she is a bit chunky for her age. Although she is a bit chunky, she has quite a bit of muscles. The girl is so quiet too! Or so I thought whee I started to tag her along with me and we’d strike up a conversation. Her body shakes furiously with excitement at times when she starts to talk. Sometimes it’s hard to get her to shut up! Being separated from my sisters, I’ve taken the responsibility to take care of her. Mina wouldn’t talk much about her family, but I’ve opened her up a bit. Not too long ago, she told me she had lost her parents from separation. One day, she had come home to find her father with another woman. Poor Mina couldn’t find her mother. She’d spent a few years with her father and that dreadful witch of a stepmother. The woman would go through her little bit of belongings, and take some things away for her self, or just to take things away. The way Mina tells me these things…its…its almost as if I was there…right beside her, feeling the pain that she keeps trapped in her…waiting…clawing at her heart. Ready to jump out or kill her from the inside out. Mina had an older brother. His name is Akira. Even though they used to bicker and fight…they were close…I can tell. Akira didn’t like the woman either. He yelled out some things like that she was never going to marry their father. This upset their foolish father, so they ended up getting married. Soon after, Akira could take it no more. Gathering up his things, he left. He wished to take Mina, but he couldn’t. Heart broken, Mina stayed and more anger & hate built up inside her. As I’ve seen, Mina is quick witted and has a hot-temper. She says she gets it from her mother and thanks her for it. The little girl wants to kill the woman so badly. She tells me that she at times, yearns to hear the agony and pain of the woman. Mina wished the woman’s’ blood to be spilt. This scared me a bit, but this all comes from the hurt, sadness and confusion deep in her big heart. The witch bore a child, a cursed boy. During one argument, the witch dared to comment about Mina’s mother and family. Mina had wanted to sink her nails deep into her neck. Listen to her blood curdling scream…her desperate gasps for breath. But…Mina held back and left…she’s on a quest to find her brother, maybe her mother if she’s lucky. I hope Mina finds her brother and mom. There’s still so much that she won’t tell me. I feel her pain that she stores in the tenderest parts of her heart. It’s like I have some weird connection…I can also see into her mind…sometimes it’s hard for me to block it out. On a brighter side, Ryu the little wolf I found, has grown close to her. I’m just glad she has a friend. I haven’t seen a lot of my friends lately. I miss them. I often have dreams of that night when my sister disappeared. I know she is still very much alive. I’ve also made new weapons and outfits!  Mina is a great help too. With her working with me, I believe a lot of stress is relieved from her. It’s snowed here too. Mina had gotten sick, I won’t lie to you, I was afraid I’d lose her. Ryu and Mina are the last people I have…that are constantly with me. Luckily, she got better. We rode a few miles on Ryu’s back to get outta that area. I had been killing many demons, as was Ryu. I think Mina is just a human, so I have to protect her so much. If she got hurt, I’d never be able to forgive myself. We’ve made it to another village now. Mina sung in a pub to get us some money. I’ve never heard anyone sing like she does. I seriously think she’s a grown woman stuck in a little girls’ body. Some guy kept looking at her that night. I kept an eye on him. As we were leaving with our money, he grabbed her arm. I pulled out my daggers and had him in a death hold quickly. He left go of her and spoke her name softly. Looking at both of them, I lowered my daggers. There were tears in Mina’s eyes. Her voice cracked and she shook lightly and surely enough she called out her brothers’ name, Akira. I hopped down and let the two reunite. Mina was a step closer to her goal. Akira was our next member to our small group. After another look at him, I could see the resemblance slightly. He got his belongings and he just happened to own a few horses and a carriage. We’re setting off tonight; I have to stop writing now. I have to help pack the things for our long journey. With us being in a carriage, I’ll be able to write more often. Good night Journal.


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