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Welcome to my space - sorry about the mess
I was suddenly fired today. The ironic part was one hour prior to the termination I was telling some one how much I like the people I work with...

WTF happened? Well, I was reported anomalously to a child protection agencey by someone about something on Nov 1, and apparently the investigation came back saying that my actions (whatever the action was) did happen, therefore they told my employer's boss's boss who canned me.

For those of you paying attention YEAH that is weird. NO I was not told what happened, what I did wrong nor am I allowed to contest this accusation! If you are sitting there saying to yourself "geez wtf, that isn't fair or right" I am saying and feeling the same thing.

The whole thing is hinky. Why? stare Because:

stare :1. If it is such a horrible thing why is it the police are not here?

stare 2. Why was I told if I quite before the 21st (tomorrow) will it disappear NEVER to be seen on ANY record, but yet it is bad enough to tarnish my record?!

stare 3. If this thing I am accused of is so bad why was I allowed to a) work with kids from the 1st of Nov until now WITHOUT knowing I was even under investigation and b) why was I allowed to FINISH working my shift if I am suh a danger to the kids?

stare 4. why did they tell me to make the decision on the fly half-way through my shift NOT at the start?

scream scream HINKY!!! All of it! scream scream So I am taking my personal copy of the employee hand book over to a lawyer for counsel to seek clearance of my name because I feel SLANDERED! stare stare burning_eyes <<Shunffle's head explodes into a ball of flames>> burning_eyes

Please think good thoughts for me, because I have never harmed anyone, I have never done anything to knowingly hurt any of the kids in my care - they hurt me, never on purpose, and I laugh - I love them like Family. I feel like I was backed into a corner after being stabbed my heart hurts that much at the sugestion that I was some how harmful in any way to those kids. crying

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    that's terrible. i hope you sue them. :evil: so presumably if you don't know what it was you did, that you were never even asked if you admit to it- one of the most fundamental things any investigation should ask is "did you do it?". i would never want you to think i was accusing you of anything, so please don't think that. but if i had to guess, i would say it was probably one of the things that's so stupid you'd never consider it a crime, but out of political correctness you aren't allowed to do it. for example, i had a friend who was a primary school teacher. she got in trouble because one of the children in her class fell over and grazed his knee, and was crying. so she hugged him to make him feel better. she almost lost her job for that, because apparently hugging a child is against regulations in britain. (i don't know about other countries) it was so stupid. the child was crying, and needed to feel loved. any parent would hug their child if he/she was crying like that, and 99% of parents would expect a teacher to show the same care and compassion for a child as they would, while they're not around. if i were a parent, i'd be furious if i found that my child had been crying and the teacher didn't bother to comfort my son/daughter. i mean, the emotional distress for a child being left to cry for hours without anybody comforting them is likely to be far greater than an distress caused by an innocent hug, a moment of mothering on the part of the teacher, carer. my point is, in this crazy, paranoid, politically correct world will live in, people can easily get fired for doing the right thing- for showing kindness and humanity to even the most needy members of society. and here in britain, heaven forbid you should ever "kiss it better" if a child hurts themselves. i know you are a good person, and that is why it hurts me that all the bad things seem to happen to you. i've never known a more obvious case of "bad things happening to good people" as in your case. it's not right. i think you should also question whether you were told that something you do was wrong, as it's their responsibility to make sure you know how to do your job. if your employer didn't tell you that such- and- such isn't allowed, i think you should ask your lawyer about that, too. and as a final remark, yes i do find it cute when a couple are both ill. it's adorable. and yes, it probably means i'm strange. :cute: if i had a girlfriend who was ill, i'd make sure to catch her germs so that we can have runny noses together. :shock: ewww!

    comment touch tiddles · Community Member · Tue Nov 21, 2006 @ 01:09am
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