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Funny name, right? xD Well, actually... there's a reason why I have this name... it started a long, long time ago--I mean, last night. >_>;

So, we finally got a long weekend, but I didn't spent much of it doing anything, unfortunately... except Saturday. I went out on Saturday, yep ... and oh my, was it interesting. However, before I begin the tale of that night, I will share with you the sad story of a dentist's assistant who couldn't do her job.

On Thursday I had a dentist's appointment, and so not only did I not have to go to school Friday, I didn't go Thursday either. Well, my dad, brother and I all drove to the dentist's office where I had to go first to get a cleaning. The dentist's lady assistant was cleaning my teeth, but I might say she didn't do a very good job. -_-; You know those needle-y picky thingies? Yeah, well, she was using that on me, but since she can't do anything, she kept jabbing my gums with it and piercing them through.

"Umm..." I piped up, sorely hurting, "You're hurting me... you're getting my gums..."

"Yeah, well, that's because your gums are all puffy." She snapped, trying to blame her inaccuracy on my gums being puffy, which should have nothing to do with it.

She was very rude to me for the most part, and I disliked her enough for that, but what really took the cake was when ... later I got a really nasty infection from her incompetence! It took a while for the infection to really set in, but when it did it REALLY REALLY HURT. D: < There was big old swelled up bump of infection on the right side of my face, pressing against my jawbone and making it hard to talk, eat, or even move. I suffered a whole night, barely even able to sleep, because she couldn't help from jabbing me with a who-knows-what encrusted instrument. >_< My mom had to rush me to the clinic where the doctor subscribed me to take penesilin three times a day for a whole week. The only good thing that came out of the whole ordeal was finally getting to try one of those Euphoria! smoothies in Japanese Raspberry Twist... ... man was it good. xD Absoloutely worth the money.

Well, sorry if that section seemed a little bitchy, but ... don't I have a reason to complain? I'm never going there again. Did I mention I even spit up BLOOD afterwards? Man, it still hurts... -_-; Okay, well, onto the lighter side of things... the story of Saturday night. x3

So, all day I was lounging about being lazy, although I really wanted to go out. Dustin kept asking me when we'd do stuff, and I said it'd be soon, that is, as soon as I could get up. >_> However, finally, although like around 7:30, I talked to Azzy and told her if she wanted to go outside with me and Dustin. x3 Bran-boy was there, so naturally he was came along.

So, I took my shower, got dressed, did my makeup, then walked over to Azzy's. We stayed there for about ten minutes while she got ready... and I tried on her pretty pastel green kimono. ^^;; It was really long on me, but it was so cute!

So, anyways, finally we left, then walked to Dustin's. I tried to knock on his bedroom window, but he met us outside instead. Apparently his mom had been yelling at him again... seems like his mom yells at him all the time. x_x;; From what I've been told, his parents are very vicious and wierd, and like yelling for no good reason... poor Dustin. ;--; I wish they would leave him alone... I mean, his mom even pulled him back in to yell some more at him when we couldn't walk off fast enough. -sighs-

Well, we finally went on the way, and we went to Wendy's for something eat, or in my case something to drink.. except I didn't have any money, so I kept trying to bum some off Azzy, but then Azzy told Dustin to "get your damn girlfriend a drink" so he went off to get one. xD He came back, and I was about to say thank you happily when... suddenly it slips and pours all over the table and onto my lap. X_X I jumped up quickly enough to avoid anything seriously embarrassing, and we saved most of the pop ... but... x333;; Man, Azzy and Bran were just like, "Cliiiicheeee" and I stood there and started crying/laughing.

Eventually we left, but then we started to head over to Shopper's because Azzy and Bran needed up ... "supplies" >_>;; ... so me and Dustin were just, "Yeah, okay, we'll be over at Blockbuster's." so we went there, and looked through all the games and both talked about which ones were good, which ones were worth buying, which ones were awful, etc. Dustin commented on how he could never do this with any of his other girlfriends.

"Really?" I said, geniunely surprised. "Not even one?"

"Nope." Was his response, "None of them liked video games at all."

I asked him how he ever got along with them then, seeing as how video games was like his life, and he said he... didn't. O_o Well, Azzy and Bran came in and started looking with us, but eventually we left anyways.

Next we headed to A&P, because apparently Azzy and Bran needed MORE stuff... but actually, we just went to the candy section anyways. Dustin bought a HUGE friggin load of Fuzzy Peaches. I saw Hershey's mini chocolate bars for really cheap, so I pointed at them and proclaimed iking them, hoping that I could have just one.. when Dustin gets a bag and gets like fifty of them for me! O_o I squealed happily and gave him a hug. xD

Well, next we had to walk to Mike's Mart. Why? What else but the same reason for going everywhere else. >_>; -coughs- Well, on the way there, we passed by Nika's house. I wanted to see her, but it was too late to knock on the door, so I went to her window and tried knocking to see if she'd look out and see me, but she never did so we left. ( But I found out later she heard me and thought I was a burgular. z_z I'm sorry Nika. ;-; ) Also on the way there, we started talking about um... our relationship and stuff...

We were pretty honest about it. He said he had a hard time caring about most of anything, because he's had so many relationships it's hard for him to take them seriously until time has passed ... plus he just has a hard time caring at all. I was brutually honest, and told him that although I liked him, I love 'that person' and it was important for him to understand that. He did understand, he knew that wouldn't change, I think we all did. I think we both have things we're more obligated to then eachother... people that are more important to us. I also told him that however the circumstances are, he'll still always be an important person to me and I'll always remember him in my heart as being apart of my life. ^^

So, finally we reach Mike's Mart, where we all sort of just wandered around and did random stuff. There were some wierd rude guy at the counter, and his friend who was working there, and they kept making comments about what we were doing... which was pretty wierd too, you know. xD Azzy and Bran were buying their ... stuff... >_> <_< ... and Dustin was buying MORE energy drinks, while I was bugging him to buy peanuts.

You see, Dustin is a Buddhist, and they are vegetarians. Although being a vegetarian is okay, it is not healthy when you are not getting your replacement proteins! I have lectured him several thousands times on the important of protein and the nine essential amino acids, and what will happen if he isn't getting them. I gave him a list of foods which will give him his protein, but he refuses to eat them. >_< I want him to eat peanuts, which are a high in protein, but he says they taste really bad. -_-;

So, I kept bugging Dustin to buy some peanuts until he finally obliged. The man at the counter looked at me, and proclaimed I was like a squirrel. ;--; I protested it wasn't my fault that I looked like this way, and he said it wasn't so much as my looks... as how I acted. >_> Then I did this wierd full body twitch, and he laughed and said that doing that just made it worse.

Finally we left, and then I tried to force Dustin to eat his peanuts. He took a mouthful of them... then spit them out saying they taste like donkey a**. x__x; So I yelled saying he needed to eat them, so he tried some more, but he kept spitting them out. Then Azzy, Brandon, and him started kicking it around and I slumped against a wall. We kept walking, then Dustin pretended to eat the peanuts, but instead just threw them obviously behind them, and then I just died on the road. Right then and there, I just fell upon my knees laughing/crying and refused to move. Azzy tried to move me by tugging my hood, but I just fell over and then lay there, still doing that laugh-cry. It took me a while to be moved. >_>

Well, we walked Dustin home, then Azzy and Bran had to go too ... and so I walked home while singing a sappy song about the stars. x3 I finally got home, then the rest is history.

Well, here's some of that song I was singing... I think, I can't exactly remember it.


Shining stars in the night
Shining high, shining bright
In the skies so dark above
A song I sing about my love

Silver clouds drifting by
Slowly, gently, in the sky
Moon that whispers down to me
A song to sing that sets me free

For you now, and in time
My heart that rests within a rhyme
I see your eyes in that sky
Shining brightly, so brightly
Like those stars of high

I would give you that sky!