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Kiki's Party of Randomness
So anyways... Last night was GABBY'S PARTY OMG FINALLY RIGHT. O___O And it was awesome. Sheer, sheer awesome... honestly.

First I arrived at the theatre via taxi, and everyone except Gabby herself and Kelley were already waiting. I immediately spotted Dustin and Aaron and went over to talk to them. I saw everyone and waved cheerfully and/or was glomped. I saw Ricky there, but I tried to pretend I didn't see him.

At first I was all shy-like, and I was worried that that was how it was going to be the whole time. Thankfully, it wasn't. So, Gabby and Kelley finally arrive but we don't leave right away, so me and Karlie go inside and I try to do DDR... where I fail standard because I suck bad, especially on the metal mats. So, Dustin and Aaron had come in by this time and were trying that virtual skateboarding game, where you got an actual skateboarding thingy you control. Karlie disappeared for a while but came back with ice cream. x3

After a while, everyone came then... then everyone drifted out again. And so finally we left to go, and immediately Karlie grabbed my arm and demanded we skip. xD So I obliged and we went merrily down the road for a while. After a bit of a walk, and some confusion, we finally arrived at Kelley's house. I saw a white kitty! ^___^ Her name is Dixie, and she's so so cute. Teehee. xP Well... -coughs- We all compiled downstairs, anyways.

At first I was okay feeling, I wasn't depressed or estatic or anything... so I went over to the pop station and poured a glass of sweet caffiene to drown down and energize up. Dustin sorely needed one too, being incredibly tired and unable to move, although I kept trying to force him to look at my drawings. Well, everyone had at least one glass, then the party started getting crazier and crazier... xD

I can't remember the WHOLE night, but there are some memorable spots.

I know I kept spinning in circles a whole lot. And dancing. I'd jump up and randomly dance, then start spinning in a circle until I got too dizzy and needed to stop. xD Or I'd skip around Dustin merrily. The DDR was hooked up and people were going on and off with it, like me, who did a game or two then bounded off.

... Or you know, like me when I tried to DDR on the couch instead. xD "Look at me!" I proclaimed, waving my hands about like a fool, "I'm going to DDR on the couch!" So I jumped up on the couch arm and started more-or-less stomping my feet like on DDR while trying not to bump my head on the ceiling.

"Watch out!" Everyone cried, referring to the huge block of wood behind me that sooner or later I was going to knock myself out on. Ricky tried to come over and help me down, but I panicked in some semblance ( I can't exactly remember what was going through my mind except, "He's coming over here? No run away! O_O" ) and ended up screaming a gleeful "WHEE!" and jumping down to land on all fours, then skipping away merrily.

Then I started spinning around in the more space-y part of the room until I got so dizzy that I fell down and smacked my head against the leg of a coffee table. I vaguely remember that hurting.. abit. xD But my whole world was spinning so who knew. Dustin walked right by me not really caring, but caring at the same time because that's how Dustin is.

Then what I label as The Great Fort Episode occurred. You see, Dustin and Sheldon, in the corner between the two couches, created consisting of pillows which covered their heads. Me, hyper and horrible, along with Karlie went over and destroyed their fort to their dismay. They retreated, but then proceeded back again to rebuilt the fort. I peeked in and was asked to join. xD So I hopped down onto Dustin's lap, where we all fit snug in that very small space. Then Dustin explained to me the geography of the land.

You see, there was Dustin's District, and then there's was Sheldon's District. They were seperated by a pillow and about a raccoon's length long. I have no idea why in the world that was, but it was.

Then I got bored and tried to get out, but I was stuck, so I yelled at Karlie to come help me. Then suddenly from no where, Ricky appeared and tried to help me too, and I kind of was like, "Doodwtfishedoingtryingtohelp?! O_o;;;;" I was yanked out anyways, where I turned around and destroyed the fort before going. I must of destroyed that damn fort fifty times, no joke.. they just kept rebuilding it.

You know, I had to hit Dustin many times that night for the things he did/said. >_> Like calling Karlie "Godzilla" O_o; Bad Dustin. Or for the amount of witty sarcastic things he said to everyone. I think I may be an abusive girlfriend.

So, Well, the fort thing got old eventually, and everyone calmed down... until Steven had to start irritating everyone. >_> Him and Dustin kept making homosexual passes at eachother, so I kept having to beat Steven to a bloody pulp every two hours... but that's not ALL he did. You see, Ricky made it very plain that he's homophobic, and that's not a good thing to say in a room chock-full of bisexual men... So Steven decided to be a jerk again and try pinching Ricky... in somewhere I won't describe. And oh god the result was disasterous.

On reflex Ricky just turns around SHOVES Steven backwards like a whole foot, where he pummels into a glass and breaks it into tiny bits and pieces. We all just stood there kind of shocked for three whole minutes, and I was all, "Woooah. That was a bit much." But after I figured out Steven wasn't injured in any way I no longer cared and walked off. However, seriously, that was about the most violent it got... but serves you right, Steven. O_o It's karma.

Well, I ended up breaking a glass myself. I started spinning like a fool child again, and my hand just flung the glass away and it shattered. I was just all, "Ahhhh, I'm so sorry. O_O" I still am. ;--; That poor glass. Then just to rub it in, for whatever reason, Ricky just points at me and goes, "Hah! This time it's not my fault!" ... Kay, thanks... >_>;;

Well, anyways, at some point Karlie and Beth had to leave, and Ricky went with them to walk them to their destination. Everyone else just kept being crazy, I sat on the couch for a bit, played some DDR, spun crazily. x3 Then for whatever reason, me and Steven started doing a Phantom of the Opera duet. That reminded me that I brought the movie, and then I put it in ... except I just wanted to listen to the song so I skipped a bunch of parts. XDDD Naturally everyone was confused... well those who hadn't seen the movie anyways, but the only one who actually asked any questions was Ricky. Well, up until now I'd been pretty much trying my best to ignore him or glare angrily at him so I wouldn't get all depressed and shy and crazy s**t and so he might know that he hurt me, but I was happy and easy off enough to explain everything to him.

After a while nearly everyone got distracted though, except for Sheldon who actually seemed genuinely interested in the movie. =D And I must say he has good taste. So then eventually it was announced we were going to play a game, "She Says He Says" and everyone was going to play except Ricky and Sheldon, but then they had to go immediately after we started anyways. I said goodbye to Sheldon, gave him a hug, and told him he needed to hang out with me and Dustin sometime. ^__^

So afterwards began the craziest game ever to be in existance. First, we got each a paper where we needed to write something, fold it over, then pass it to the next person who would write something, and etc. The things we had to write were: boy's name, girl's name, a place, something that suddenly happens, what he says, what she says, and what happens in the end. Now, when you leave this to people like us... we come out with the wierdest s**t. Ever.

So we'd get something like, "Once upon a time Mcmuffin and Sassyho were in the stomach of Optimus Prime, when suddenly a monkey jumped out and shot them both in the head. He said, "SHUTUP b***h!" and she said, "I have herpes!" then in the end they both ended up raping a goat. The end."

XDDDDD Honest to god... honestly... that's how most of the stories went. Except in the end we had to use names of the people in the room, and Mel kept including things about iguanas being raped, and Dustin and Aaron kept assaulting eachother so you'd get things like, "Dustin is a b***h" or "In Aaron's basement full of dildos" ... >_>;; Those were real quotes from the game. I laughed so hard I almost busted a gut and both my kidneys.

Eventually the game ended and we all settled down... except for Kelley, who hadn't really been about or actually INVOLVED in the party the whole time, came out of no where and started freaking out. xD She put on a little act of throwing paper balls, and swinging around an empty pepsi bottle, put on a british pirate accent and screamed about being attacked by the Canadians. I was half-asleep, but I remember it so well. xDDD I'm not sure whether or not that was the funniest thing that happened all night.

Well, time wore on and it got really late, and so Dustin and Aaron ( the last two guys there ) had to leave. Aaron came over to say goodbye and give me a hug, but Dustin didn't really... say anything.. or do anything. He just left. I just kept sleeping on.

And so I slept on, and concluded the craziest and most fun night I'd had in a while. I have no regrets about a single thing... except that it had to end.

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commentCommented on: Tue Nov 14, 2006 @ 02:46am
yayyy biggrin

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