As the title says, Yuki has died, on Rememberance day. She died at around 2:55 am still in the motionless position she was in before when we carried her. Atleast she didn't suffer as much pain as my other cat, Chako. It was a silent momment for me, because thinking back to all the years she's been with me (my whole life actually. Since she is older than me), she never left me. Even when I was a baby in a craddle, Yuki and Chako would go inside with me because they were curious what's inside. When I had a fever, I used Yuki as a pillow once... which was by accident. When my brother started throwing up... well actually she started to run away. Even when she was about to die, she was always right beside me when I wake up. This was a tragedy in my life since something I loved soo very much is gone and will never return. We still haven't buried her yet, but we have to do it soon before maggots starts to come out of her. I hope she had a happy life all these years and will make even people in heaven happy. She was the best cat in the world and no other cats can replace her. She may have been a bit sttuborn but that's her personality that makes all other cats not special. I hope Chako and Yuki will be able to meet up in heaven and play together once again... That is something I wish for. I'm typing this with tears in my eyes but this is reality and something that live must eventually die. I hope you understand how much you have love someone before they die, because you'll have some regret that you could have done more for that person. I guess life is sad... Hopefully you will all read this and think about how people that cares for you won't be with you forever and that you need to do stuff for them that won't make you regret it later on in your life.