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yup ^
awesome quotes
I am disturbed by this image of jack, who has the knowledge, brainpower, and capability to hand out hundreds of thousands of gifts per year (including LOADS of pants last year). He is quite obviously a very clever character, as he can dart around the map at the speed of light and make mysterious things happen.

Which brings me to my main question:

Why is he about to eat that candy with the wrapper on?

Cassidy Peterson
I used to be a mod. I've had people PM me saying they were going to kill themselves because I assisted in their bans, and even had somebody PM me once telling me all about how their brother had cut his wrists and died.

I think it was over something like moving his cutting thread to Life Issues. All I know is that after I got over the shock of being blamed for somebody's death, it was ******** hilarious - so I stopped believing and started laughing.


I'll just sum it all up.

Religion is just a belief system that nobody can prove but people like to hope exists because they want to explain what they don't know so that they don't look like jackasses.

Religion has no effect on relationships unless you let it have effect.

Because everyone thinks that their religion is right, wars are started and two religions kill each other off. This is good because that would mean less crazy cultists to shive s**t down your throat.

If any religion is even close to true, it would be Paganism which is polytheistic. So, the monotheistic belief of one conceited guy playing with us like we are a bunch of ants doesn't sound very true to me.

I am a proud Atheist, and I approve this message.

Cassidy Peterson
Cassidy Peterson
It does not always meet there needs or sick desires it only might fuels them to go out and find prey.

I have worked with these SICK types for many years and can say, do not correct me because they will get aroused and need flesh to feed them!

And why did you work with them? Did they come to you on their own or were they sent to you? If they were sent to you, why was that?

Also, work on your phrasing a little. You made it sound like my corrections is what will drive them to childrape. xd "Oh s**t! Cassi defended me! Gotta ******** kids now!"

Dear Gaia admins: please change the prices on all items. Change them now, because I want you to! I expect a halo in my inventory tomorrow.

And while you're at it, please change all of the prices in the real world, to. I want a mansion, a yacht, a lambourghini, and a mother ******** pony. Obviously if i can't have everything I want, then life is just tooo uuuuunfaaaaaaiiiir.

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