Today I woke up very tired and with a slight stomach ache. Because of this, I really did not want to have to go to school... so I exaggerated a bit and managed to convince my parents I was sick enough to stay home. Karma will surely shoot me for this deed, but I need some sleep! ( Which I will do soon enough, yes. ) But I wonder what's left that karma could do to me.. no wait, doubting karma is bad too. If you doubt karma, you pay for it. Karma can be very tiring sometimes, but it's helping me be a better person.

Last night I finished chapter 133 of Tsubasa .. and ... holy cheese crackers. z_z Syaoran is a clone, and he's EVIL! Agggghhhh, YAMI SYAORAN! He ate Fye's eye. O_o;;; What was up with that?! Ohhh, poor Sakura! I felt so bad for her, I mean, it's like he didn't even care about her anymore! What's going to happen now. O_O Will the original Syaoran travel with them now? Maybe Yami Syaoran and Syaoran need to merge together! Because they just can't leave Yami Syaoran out of the picture, I mean, it's all ABOUT HIM AND SAKURA. Oh my, this is confusing... this story is starting to get quite sad! Poor Fye too... even if being a vampire now is kind of cool... Oh, and thick enough on the Fye x Kurogane that chapter? O_o


... Whew, now that I got that out of my system... I wonder if I should try visiting Widdifield today. I barely get my chances ... but will everyone be happy to see me? And there's only so much time until everyone has to leave. .__.;; Well, it's kind of a nice day out, I don't think I'd mind waiting for the bus and stuff. Ehhhh... I need sleep... I'll see how I feel after I wake up I guess?

Update: Went to Widdifield today, had alot of fun. ^^;; Unfortunately, my dad busted me for going. e_e Well, thankfully my dad is a cool guy and NOT a rat, so he won't tell mom... but I owe him big time.

Well, saw just about everyone. ^^ Lunch was quite funny. I just popped in all of the sudden, and everyone was all, "NEKO!" and stuff. Some people didn't really care if I was there, but others - Kora, Chloe, Steph, and Nika - seemed glad to see me. I finally got to meet the famous Mason whom everyone talks about ... and you know what my first words to him were?

"... I'm sorry but... you look like a chick."

That cracked Steph up. Mason himself seemed to laugh at it, too. I felt mean though, and immediately apologized and explained I simply said the first thing on my mind... but from then onwards, he would be known as girly-boy to me. Well, I felt like I was in a bit of a mischievious mood!

Poor Mason had to endure me calling him 'girly-boy' for the duration of the day, and hitting him with my bag. He just smiled at me and was very friendly. x333 But you know, even if he is a girly-boy ... he is very cute. xDDD I think I could probably grow to like him. I already think he's pretty awesome. XD

So, then I spent third period with Kora and Chloe, and Chloe told us a story about 'him' and noise involving "REEEEOOOWRHISS" Apparently that's his impression of me ... Nonetheless, it was very funny. x33;;; Me and Kora laughed about it for a long time. Then I commented on his profile about it, and uh... I think he got mad at me... again...

I don't know why every time I do something it's like I blew the world up or something.