Ummm... Today is Sunday and I'm bored? Nothing happened this weekend. -_-;; What a bummer. I'm supposed to go to Chloe's today, though. I'm a little lazy. x3;; I'll see if she mentions it and still wants me to go. I'd need to do some things before I leave though anyways.

So, all I've been doing pretty much all weekend is talking about anime and reading Tsubasa. I'm on chapter 95 now. Eh, I was planning on reading it for a long time, never got around to it... but you know, I still need to finish Ouran Host Club, Mahoromatic, and ... well, obviously I'm still tagging along waiting for the newest Naruto manga releases. I'm still shocked over what happened before... NOOOOOOO ASSSSSUMMMMAAAA! But more importantly ... POOR KUROGANE! I actually honestly cried when I read that chapter... I felt so bad for him. ;--;

Oh, I need to start reading Cardcaptor Sakura too. I watched alot of the anime a while ago, but I think the manga might be better... plus there's that huge load of music I downloaded Saturday. Heh.


Add on: Gabby... I'm genuinely sorry for the things that keep happening.. let me tell you, I know exactly what you feel. I know what it's like, and I'm there with you, okay? Now this is a song that I think can describe both of us.


A fate so intangible
So sweet, so bitter
A feeling in our hearts DOKIDOKI
We turn our eyes to you

From that day we realized it
We've been trying, trying, trying
So futile our hope
Still it stays with us, so shining

To you we have sent our dearest
Our most precious
To you we have sent that feeling
Memories we want to share!

Always for you, SUKI DESU
Even when your heart is cold
We'll stay by you, SUKI DESU

No matter what, SUKI DESU
Even when you turn away
We won't give on you, SUKI DESU

We have shown you
Our greatest feelings! So precious!
And we wonder when
You will feel it too

... Even if we need to set you free...


... By the way, I wrote this song myself... I think it really reflects on what's been happening to us, huh?

Remember, do what you feel you must do... your feelings are important, and to make them understood is important. To make yourself happy, to make him happy...