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Amongst the whispering leaves I hear a voice...
Our Reality
"In the land of the blind, the One-Eyed Man is King." _ I forget who said that, but that line has so many very honest meanings to me. The most important one being the metaphor it's connected to, in how people nowadays 'know' that the blind, deaf and mute can see, hear and talk better than they can..."It's a known fact"...yet hide that fact away in a barrage of half-truths and lies that are easier to believe and live out, crowning them, and denouncing the deformed/inferior members of the same race. Heavens forbid we ordinairy, proper proportioned, non-retarded, English speaking arrogant bastards ever admitted to being 'more dumb than the dumb.'

And before I lose this train of thought, or someone starts bellowing their opinions at me (considered 'conditioned' or otherwise 'tainted' by moi -.-), I myself am guilty of lying to myself about things that are self-evident and quite true and important (hence shrouded). As well as I know my opinion may not be the only and correct one, but I am extremely biased. While listening to your claims and A) confirming; or B) denying; them you will find I have a rather liberal mind and point of view, and wish only for the justice and freedom of thought and acceptance of the truth for all. Though...many before now have argued and argued and argued and made complete assholes of themselves, meanwhile making it very difficult for either of us to accomplish anything.

Right, slight rant (that was a pun, if any of you caught it). *sips Pepsi*

.... Humans...suck. Allow me to elaborate a bit; humans, since birth, are wrapped in a series of environmental (cultural, religious, family, etc.) influences, which form a protective barrier of set beliefs, of what's right, what's wrong for them. What is to be done, and what is not. This basic set, of what we would call, morals or values varies from region to regin across the globe...but there are some rules every youth grows up with that remains unchanging; thus the philosophical 'discussion' of whether the human conscience (sp?) really exists. Some say it does, in every individual, others say that it is not so much a conscience as it is a set of morals which you become accustomed to as you grow.

There are some things which all humans can agree on that are wrong, say...killing another human being. People will have reasons that they think justify taking another person's life. Because they killed a person, that makes it right for you, or your government and/or military to take their life? Since when were humans gods and therefore able to make such decisions? I'm not saying that all persons deserve to live after some of the things they've done...but then, I have no right to make that decision, and I can't readilly say that all persons' deserve to die either.

You'd think something called 'The Golden Rule' would have a lot heavier effect on humanity...but then, once again, people take that, blend it and interpret it as something they believe in as part of their 'faith'. -.- I hate to break it to those-who-will-not-be-named-here but the very concept of the 'Golden Rule' is set in what has become the human social structure, and in fact has nothing to do with gods, religion, and faith. It is a 'humane' rule, nothing more. And often forgotten.

Hmm, I paint a fairly dark picture of humanity, don't I? Well, when you look at it, despite the many stout hearts and wonderful people that we've spawned...we're a fairly horrible race. Ie. destroying the only planet we were made to live on; destroying eachother over things that we let get out of control (exhausted resources?! who didn't see that coming?!!); looking for a planet we were NOT created on, and thus messing up other ecosystems as well (no matter how long-dead Mars is, moving there because we messed up Earth really isn't right). There's plenty more, but those are some of the big ones that bother me...and most other individuals when they sit back and smell a lily.

So am I saying 'humans should die in the graves they dug for themselves'? Not exactly...as much as I'm pretty sure that it's too late to save our race, and the Earth in the long run, I'm really hoping to somehow begin a train of thinking that would circle the globe in and endless cycle. It's not so much I wish for humans to die already, but that they accept their faults, what they did wrong, and they accept death when it comes. I too, aim to be able to accept death for, possibly, something that I did not do, but people before me did (meaning, think of your grandkids - are they to suffocate on carbon dioxide and other toxic gases because of us? are they to live homeless and small areas where the nuclear radiation didn't spread?). In all honesty, I wish that something would happen that would force us to go back possibly two hundred years (or maybe two thousand?) and try over again (though, even though known history repeats itself, repeating history will evidently turn out the same, so I guess this is a futile fantasy as well -.-).

*sigh* When I was younger I used to say I wanted to take over the world. Some gave me amused winks, tohers looked at me as if I were a heathen and would submit the Earth to some sort of Satanic rule and so on. Really, I just wanted to unite humanity...and bring to the surface all the little truths we've hidden away that we do't like so we could get past them and move on to a brigher future. But as most thngs happen in this reality, my dreams were crushed under the obesity of humanity's ignorance and apathy. I can only apologize for not having a heart of greater resolve, instead of this gaping chasm whistling to the songs of the more fruitious past.

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