I dont know about you, but I like strawberries!!

Random fact I know.
But whatever...

I havent written here in a long time. And a big revelation dawned on me...
It happened while I was watching the Tyra show.

And omg it scared me. Something about sexual predators online? It just kinda scared me you know?

Hehe, watch me ramble. Truth is, first time Ive touched a computer in a long time. I usually spend my time watching TV. Writing down things in a journal, practicing my japanese.

When I had homework to do involving the internet, my friends did it for me.
This feeling. Its really weird.

My birthday passed a few days ago.
*blows out candles*
I wish..someone would explain things to me.

You dont know what its like.
Having to write down everything that happens to you, because you might forget it as soon as you fall asleep.

Then again, neither do I. I imagine it sometimes.

If a tree falls down and theres no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? If a memory is lost and no one remembers it, does that mean it even existed?

Weird huh....
Lately, Ive been...philisophising..I dont think I spelt that right, but you get my point.

Its like, I lie in bed, staring at the ceiling, and then I think of the weirdest things. Its all really weird.

This one time, I was thinking of 9/11.
I dont know, but I thought it was all a conspiracy. Well, it was, but the part about the pentagon.

I mean, if theres a huge a** airplane flying towards the bulding and crashes into it, yet theres no debris of an airplane, what would you think?

Like I said, Ive been acting completely weird. Everything is changing. Im realizing true reality. And its brutal.

Experiencing things Ive never done before. Getting drunk every night, getting completely stoned, high, you name it.

Or sometimes I just mutilate myself. Just to see what it feels like.
I know Im weird.

Some things can never change, while others change completely.

So, I was watching channel 2 the other day, and then a quote came up.
Wait, I forgot it.

Oh well.
I have one thing left to say to you all.


Well, maybe I should write more while Im still here. Its not like this is a suicide note or anything.

In socials the other day, I remember going up in front of the class, and I remember presenting my timeline.

I had to say the a personal event that had to most impact on me.
Well, we all know what I chose. My dad committing suicide.

I said three words, and I started crying and I couldn't stop. I still said everything I needed to though. In the end, I accomplished my mission, letting my whole class about what happened to me.

After I was finished, my teacher called me up. I thought I was in trouble and I was really scared. It made my heart race.

He only wanted to know if I was okay. And he asked how it happened. I never told anyone else, but I had found out how he killed himself. I broke down again, and then my friends came to my rescue, or so they say.

It was very..different. Ive never actually had anyone really hold me and try to comfort me while I was crying. I remember falling on the floor, and my classmates trying to wake me up.

Although I fell on the floor in socials class, I woke up in the infirmary. And I turned to my side and saw the one that held me when I cried. He just smiled and patted my hair softly. Told me there was no homework, and to get better. Then he just left the room.

Okay, so you all must be getting tired of my rambling. But who else will listen to me?

Thanks for putting up with my weirdness.

*award for most used word=weird*

~Fallen tenshi*