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Kelly's journal...
Who knows what I'll write in here...? Seriously, who knows? I have no clue! D:
Japan =D
I'm bored, so I figured I might as well write about my trip in Japan here. I was there for about 2 weeks and had a really great time. I went with about 15 people from school. You can read it if you can be bothered to. xD

Day 1:
We went to Electric Town in Akihabara. It was pretty cool, they had a Sega world O:
There were lots of video game shops and vending machine thingys, they were really cool xD. We stayed there for like an hour, then we went and checked into the hotel. The hotel was so scabby D: Everyone on the same floor had to share the toilets and showers and the rooms, especially on the first night, were so small you could barely walk in them, plus it was only one bed for 2 people! And it was a single. For dinner we went to a restaurant where you cook your own food at the table, can't remember what it was called, it was good.

Day 2:
We went to Asakusa temple and Nakamise shopping street, that place was cool.
We went to Tokyo Tower, which was alright, some pretty good views of the city. We went to Odaiba which had a mini statue of Liberty, there was a really big ferris wheel there but we didn't go on it because we were too busy with other stuff. We split up and Heather and I went to a place called color world which was really cool. It had REALLY good arcade games there, nothing like our crappyish ones. We had McDonalds for lunch xD, it was a lot better than ours, it was cooked properly O:.
We watched some kids playing kendo and judo, there was some concert on at the time for some Japanese celebrity, didn't get to see it. We had dinner at a restauant where all we could have was seafood and rice. I only had rice that night.

Day 3:
We went shopping at some place, we were meant to go to a mountain and see some snow monkeys but it was too wet. I bought some hello kitty stuff there. We went to a really cool photo booth thingy where you can edit your photos, make them pretty, write stuff on them, it was really cool, and I lateer found out that they are stickers! O: We watched a baseball match that night, Giants vs Dragons. The Giants won, it was so cool and we got free stuff! biggrin

Day 4:
This was the beginning of our homestay period. We went to Fujimi highschool early in the morning where we met our host students for the first time. Mine was 15 and she was cool. We went home with them, we didn't have to wear seatbelts o.O. The family took me to a little welcoming party at an english teacher's house, only a few others were there, we had kfc for dinner xD.

Day 5:
It was a Saturday, Yumi took me to her school so that we could watch some schools play volleyball. Some of Yumi's friends were there, they were wierd but that only made them cool. They taught me a song in japanese and I taught them how to play duck duck goose xD. We had mcdonalds and at her house her mum made me wear a yukata and did my hair up to suit it with makeup. gonk It was scary.

Day 6:
Yumi took me to the school again. gonk It was Sunday! There was some athletics carnival thing on and Yumi ran in it. I had to stay with one of her friends who didn't speek english. I tried this wierd candy stuff that is really hard to explain. It was all sticky and colourful. It was on chopsticks and you had to do something to it. It was nice. After that I went shopping with Yumi and one of her friends. After that Yumi and I went to some thing where there were people having dinner. I was treated like a celebrity o.O Everyone was shaking my hand, randomly giving me free food, trying to talk to me. Some random oldish japanese guy gave me a business card with his details on it gonk . They made me give a speech to eveeryone gonk .

Day 7:
We went to school where we went to Nikko. There were alot of temples there. After that we went to an art museum. Not all that exciting. Went back to school and went back to Yumi's house.

Day 8:
At school they made us wear Yukatas again gonk At least this time I didn't have to have all that makeup or have my hair done up. We had a tea ceremony thing where we had to eat this wierd looking thing and make/drink ocha. It wasn't very nice. After that we went to a "concert". It was at a museum-type place and some guy played a bamboo flute thingy and someone played a koto. After that we went back to our host students home. I'm not sure if this was actually this day or the day before, but we went to a karaoke thing which was really cool. It wasn't at like a club, there were little booths. I went with my host family and they have really good songs in there to choose from, pretty much any old or new song you could think of, and the rooms were sound proof biggrin .

Day 9:
Had to go to one of Yumi's school classes, it was PE. I just sat and watched. They were playing soccor, but about 95% of that time they were just running. They are really fit people o.O After that we went to another museum. For dinner the family took me out to a spaghetti restaurant. That spaghetti was wierd. I had "spaghetti with meat sauce" It had jelly fish tentacles in it :gonk I gave them to the mum. We went bowling after that, I suck at bowling! xD

Day 10:
We had a farewell ceremony at the school, we had to sing waltzing matilda and the land down under xD. I said goodbye to Yumi and her mum and we left for the hotel. We went on a bus tour. I can't remember the rest of this day gonk

Day 11:
We went to Tokyo Disneyland! We were there for like 10 hours. The was a parade like every 1/2 hour, it was impossible to get anywhere. The best ride was "space mountain" It was a rollercoaster thingy. There actually wasn't that many rides, there were alot of shops though. It was really good though. Yay for fastpasses <3

Day 12:
This was the last day, we went to Harajuku. Nobody was dressed up all wierd. There were alot of cool shops though. I went to a 100yen shop which is like a $1 shop. That was cool, I bought heaps there. We went to another shop where I spent the rest of my money. After that we went to the airport and went home.

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    Hey, you didn't write the bit about Miss Rose and the kiddy park! xDDDDDDDD
    Or Heggie and me going spastic at the baseball!
    Or Grant and...
    I can't believe we stayed in that food court place for like, 3 hours... D:

    comment SPANDEXUAL · Community Member · Mon Dec 25, 2006 @ 09:12am
    xD at all the gonks on the black background.

    comment me_is_kelly · Community Member · Wed Oct 31, 2007 @ 05:34am
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