The Quest for the Sacred Jewel

It was a sizzling sunny day Haunter was on his way to Ellina the town where the sacred jewel was born. The town is hidden somewhere in the lost forest of Necros. As he was walking he saw a bloody red fog up ahead he walked in the fog. Then the stench of rotten blood filled his nose on the ground he looked around and saw a trail of blood and then found dried corpses by the black trees then he heard a scream. He followed the voice quickly and saw a vampire mistress drinking all the blood out on a beautiful young maiden and chewing on the maiden’s skin in a small cave. She left the body dry on the ground. She then saw haunter and run up to him ready to eat him. Haunter quickly took out his blade of youth and quickly dodges her attacks then use Kagezan (attack of the black dragon) spiritual energy rose above him then he attacked directly at the vampire mistress she then turned into ashes and died. When he came out he saw a force field in front of him. He tried to break open the force field again and again. Then he used most of his energy to use his new attack to open the force field. When he walked in thousands of wizards attacked him. When he woke up he felt his energy being drained out of his body. In front of him was a dark figure with a killer staff. He tried to reach for his sword but before he could he fainted. He woke up he saw himself tied up in a dark old prison cell. There were other people around him who where thieves, archers, warriors, and even some wizards. They all seemed weakened. Later a dark wizard named Zalleon master of dark arts came and stared at everyone in the cell then left. While no one was looking he reached into his pocket and took out a throwing knife to cut through the rope. Then he attacked the guards and freed everyone. When he was going to fight the but Zalleon a old wizard told him how dangerous he was. But he kept going, haunter he was only trying to stop him from killing other innocent people. While he was going to the entry room to fight Zalleon. He saw a group of evil fighters from Perion guarding the entry room incase anyone gets in. Haunter tried to turn invisible but he forgot that he didn’t have enough energy to use it. Haunter later found a secret passage by a statue when he moved it a door that led to the dungeon. When he entered he saw the sacred jewel trapped surrounded by black magic. He then saw a tall shadow standing in a circle from the ground that seemed to be a ritual. Zalleon was chanting a spell in front of the sacred jewel. He seemed to be stealing the energy out of the jewel. Haunter ran up to Zalleon to attack but that was just one of Zalleon’s clones he created out of sand. Haunter later heard a strange noise in front of him and it was Zalleon. Later a black portal rose from the ground and the real Zalleon came out. Zalleon was mad that everyone escaped because of haunter Zalleon tried to kill Haunter but that was just one of Haunter’s clone he created out of air then Zalleon created a indivisible a force field so haunter couldn’t attack him from any where but haunter turn invisible so he won’t get him . Then he entered the force field and attack Zalleon in the heart. Then Zalleon turned into dusted and died. When he went out side the sun shined really bright and the townspeople cheered with joy cause haunter killed Zalleon. Then the old man came and was dressed like a king but the old man told Haunter he was the king before he could have asked. Haunter later asked if he know who created sacred jewel. The old man later told haunter that he created the jewel. He also gave haunter the sacred jewel. The old man also gave him a really powerful sword that can help him move this in the air. After his speech was over the old man did a ritual that would give haunter the powers in the jewel. After the ritual haunter felt stronger and happier cause he had helped the village from Zalleon. When the ceremony was over he left the village to go back to his home.