I'm a little bored... I was supposed to be going to the movies tonight with Freddy and other people, but his work schedule changed so that was cancelled. I got nothing to do tomorrow either, because it looks like Gabby's party was called off again... Agh, poor Gabby... -sighs- Well, at least I got chocolate. O_o;; Eh.

So anyways, there's this song I just can't stop listening to lately. It's one from Tsubasa Chronicles, and I just ADORE it. It's sung by Sakura.


Kiss me sweet
I'm sleeping in silence
All alone, in ice and snow
In my dream, I'm calling your name
You are my love...

In your eyes, I search for my memory
Lost in vain, so far in the scenery
Hold me tight, and swear again and again
We'll never be apart...

If you could touch my feathers softly
I'll give you my love
We set sail in the darkness of the night
Out to the sea
To find me there
To find you there
Love me now, If you dare...

Kiss me sweet
I'm sleeping in sorrow
All alone, to see you tomorrow
In my dream, I'm calling your name
You are my love...
My love...


Well, that's the english version of it anyways. Isn't it cute? ^^;; I like it anyways. Anyways, I'mma see if I can play Warcraft tonight... well, I can, but it's not it's interesting without anyone else to play with. -_-;;

Ehh, this is an add-on. I don't think I'll end up playing Warcraft tonight... I never do what I want to do. I begged my parents to have Gab's party at my house, but they said no dice. e_e;; So I am sad and cursing them. Yep, sad suddenly... don't know why... Wait, I DO know why...

Tell me, sometimes, is it wrong to do what you think is the right thing? Is it bad to try to help someone you care about, especially if they don't want to helped by you? I wish life could be simpler.. and my attempts at kind deeds more appreciated. How am I supposed to earn redemption?