Halloween was... awesome! AWESOME! I dressed up as a tiger girl and I went trick-or-treating with Dustin, Aaron, Azzy, Bran-boy, Brandon, Christie, Lauren and her friend. I thought it was going to be boring, but it WASN'T! Not even close. I was so happy and excited, I felt like seven years old again - even my voice got squeakier and estatic sounding.

Dustin and Aaron got caught up in a ninja vs. hitman contest and raced to each door, and because I was hyper and competitive, I raced too, even if I lost every time!

I was so happy for once, I barely mentioned 'him' at all... Maybe once.

We did crazy stuff, it was great. Me and Azzy square-danced on the lawn of someone who had Ghostbusters blaring, Dustin and Aaron and myself leaped over hedges and down stairs, I had to sing Twinkle Little Star with Lauren and her friend. xD;; I randomly swung Dustin around... XDDD

Actually, because of that night, I remembered why I liked Dustin so much before. But even so, I'm a loyal heart and just because I like Dustin doesn't mean my feelings for 'him' has disappeared or likely will. Besides, they don't even compare in contrast.

So, back to Halloween. I visited the Haunted House. First off I saw Nika handing out pop. ^_^ We talked and I spazzed about my night. Then me, Brandon, and Azzy ( because the rest didn't want to stay for the Haunted House ) had to wait a LOOOOOONG time in a LOOOOOOONG line and it was COLD! I didn't even have a jacket. I mean, it wasn't even cold earlier, but suddenly it was. z_z We finally got in an then... Daymn, they did a good job! It looked fantastic! I recognized alot of people, but some I didn't - ninth graders, I suppose. I saw Kora, Mickey, Steven, Kat, Chloe, and Tim in the Haunted House. Nika and Vince were outside. No Scott or Ari. D: Well, we went home after that.

At home I curled up with my candy then watched Law & Order: CI. It was a good episode. I warmed back up, then went on the computer, got disappointed with the new Gaia events ( The alien thing is so stupid. And MORE Jack items? I was kind of hoping we'd get something maybe... new? ) then went to bed. I felt very satisfied with that night, no regrets at all.

So, anyways, yesterday ... Azzy told Freddy about how I don't consider that movies thing a date. He seems okay with it. That's good! I hate being cruel and heartbreaking, it's hard, especially when I know where Freddy's coming from ... But I just don't like him, and that's how it's gotta be. Maybe it'll change, but I honestly can't see it, really...

Well, I'm typing this from Business class so I should probably wrap it up. Today we're making unfried french fries in Cooking, and Azzy better show up! That's bascially all I got to look forwards to. I'm a little disappointed we couldn't even go out to dinner yesterday like we were supposed to... but we got pizza instead so it's good I guess. Yay!

Mata ne~ heart