******** me sideways because i kind of made out with my best friend (femail) and she is also my ex's best friend and i really feel like s**t. she is her best friend and i have feelings for both of them but for a while i didn't know that she still liked me and i havent talked to her in a while. but sometimes i miss her enough to call her lost cell phone to be able to listen to her voice. but i am stuck between 2 people who i love but i cant stand the pain of the pain that i cost my ex and i want to ******** die. so if anyone knows me please talk to me before i do somthing stupid because i am starting to think of sucide to stop me from hurting my ex or anyone else i love so. wahmbulance send an ambulance to make sure i dont hurt myself and if i do so they can batch me up so i want to stop relationship to not hurt people.

so that is my new catch fraise [******** me sideways. xp