I am feeling much better and i am wanting to live life again lourn isn't beating on Spooky Grimm and my life is finally returning to normal and for the first time, or as normal as can goes, in about 2 months i feel really good. i am single and i like a girl. (in not going to give out any information on her name or anything) i feel like i finally want to live life and go do things like have fun and not get my heart broken or anything. so one of my friends died by a ******** cop. F*#k the poliece he had shot him in the leg and the chest. so we in euerka hate the ******** Poliece. so besides that i feel much better than i have felt in a while and it feels good. i am not thinking about suicide anymore or anything.
PS keep it real and hold on to all of ur friends because the cops might get them. so keep ur friends really close they can disipear in an instant.
KICK a**,