... Sometimes, do you ever wonder what could of happened if you'd done something different?

... Sometimes, do you ever wonder what things would of been like if something hadn't happened?

... And sometimes, do you finally realize your fears, but hold out hope?

You can try all you like, but sometimes things are just impossible. Some things cannot budged. Might you try to woo it away with kindness and giving, but that can make a resolve ever the stronger. Who's resolve?

You might not know what to do, so you follow your heart and hope for the best, always wishing that it won't lead you astray like before ... but the heart is a liar. It lies and cheats you, it promises you everything and leaves you with nothing.

So you might be surprised when you find something, and your promises fade away into the air, and you become pathetic and weak, not caring what happens anymore or what they might say about what's happening.

You might wonder what was important to you to begin with - if it was so precious, then why did things turn out this way? But you are simply trying to cover up your tracks with questions, because you know all the answers anyways, even if it's hard to see them. Does anyone realize what what means?

What is what's precious to you, but what doesn't care about what happens after what says what what needs to.

When did it ever need you anyways? It never needed you at all. It was you that needed it ...