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Mental Autogratification This is where I dump stuff that doesn't belong anywhere else. It's probably 90% BS. You have been warned.

Elf Lord Chiewn
Community Member
More signa-ghosts. Or, where half my profile went.

Usachan: Once upon a time
Usachan: there was a little person named Chiewn
Usachan: Chiewn had a wicked stepmother
Usachan: who was trying to make Chiewn marry his stepwitch so that they could have a baby
Usachan: But Chiewn was locked up in a tower, and had freakishlyl llong hair
Usachan: So one day this person named Chi came by and was all like, "DUDE HAIR!"
Usachan: and shot the Chiewn and sold him to the other witch who lived in that gingerbread house down the street
Usachan: And they all lived happilly ever after.
Usachan: The end.

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There is a hell, because there is a Heaven. light and dark, good and evil. there is always something that is poosite.

Give me the opposite of Gatorade.

Toga! Toga!
seek help
Oh noes! It seems another person has contracted a case of n00bularitis! . Symptoms of this virus include extremely limited brain capacity, especially in memory, and results in the brain spacing out whenever one tries to read more than one or two sentences of a post. Unfortunately, it seems that this poor soul could only manage to read the title before she spaced out. Other symptoms can include excessive arrogance, which is common in many other n00bs of this website and others

This terrible virus seems to be spreading fastest among new users of the internet but can be beaten if one is able to stay in discussions for long periods of time. However, there are places where there seems to be a very strong strain of n00bularitis that does not seem to go away and is slightly contagious with users who have previously beaten it. These places include the Gaia Chatterbox, 4chan and related sites, gURL.com forums, and Neopets(the worst case, it seems. Here even the staff has caught it!)

It seems this individual has contracted an unusual strain of the virus, rendering him unable to think of more than a fraction of a sentence before "fizzling out."

We must take a stand to defeat this horrible virus! Spread knowledge, start discussions! They are the cure to n00bularitis! We must stop this virus in its tracks before it spreads!

This is what bored_Ed meant to say before he fizzled: "Seek help is what I need to do. You see, I have a horrible attitude towards homosexuals yet I know this attitude is unjustified. I know that recognizing a problem is the first step to recovery, so can any of you helpe me get over this strange animosity towards people not like me?"

Elf Lord Chiewn
draco lunaris
then corellion lothrein is the creator of the elven race who values art and beauty
Had a feeling Corellion was going to come up. Corellion is indeed a construct.
Does that mean Corellion Wicca is invalid? 4laugh

Cougar Draven
Marijuana's illegal because Wm. R. Hearst was the first recorded instance of an emo b***h.

Behold Elf Lord Chiewn...The king of long-a** long-winded damn-they're-so-long posts...

Oh, have you played 'The Sims?' What happens in the end?


As for the rest of Leviticus, unless you're at Red Lobster with God Hates Shrimp signs, hushup.

I'm antagonistic because people use it (right or wrong) as a justification for horrible things and for some reason it seems immune to criticism.

That's why I don't own knives, because knives are used to stab people... wait, no, that's retarded.

i know he is like in you heart in your head he everywhere

Too bad he doesn't teach grammar...
omg stfu gawd iz reel adn he is sooo perfickt taht he dosnt need grammes w/e taht iz

the ACTS of homosexuality are not Christ like

Neither is being female.

Oops! Looks like Heaven's a sausagefest.

troa barton 464
it stue, i wonder if god does exsist. The reason is that humanity itself made mithology becasue we wanted to explain the unexplainable unti lscience came. So god is tehre to inspire soldiers who belive that good becsasue they will die for honor rather that money. But god is real or not is still in question, those people who said they talked to god are on drugs, that is holusonation odd eh but true. Talking to an person that doesn't exsists sonds like stupidity to me.

So I dont belive but i will still respect the right to worship, but i will still question until it is clear!!!!!!!!!

No offence my aquentance but there are alot of spelling errors.

I almost just died of irony poisoning.

Cougar Draven

be dure to mention how it's relevant just to what i've said. don't throw out useless factoids that don't counter existing points made

Capitalization (x3), Spelling, Correct punctuation (x2)

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Community Member
comment Commented on: Wed Jan 03, 2007 @ 04:07am
Quite the collection of quotes.

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